The Diary Game [7th February, 2023]: Frying Egg, Going To Town, Visiting The Jewelry Shop

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Hello Steemit Family

It's always a pleasure to come to you and share with you. I have great conviction that all is well with everyone here. I am fine as well. I would like to share my day today with you but before then, let us always try to power up to stay relevant on the platform and also to support the steem economy. Steemit is our home so let us always try to make it our priority and help it to grow.


Frying Egg

The day came very bright and when I woke up I knew everyday is a blessing and as a matter of fact I have to enjoy the blessing in the day. I prayed, I read some part of the scriptures in Psalms. The sun was already coming out because I didn't enjoy really wake up very early. The sun in this season performs its duty very well since we are in the dry season. I don't pray with my morning prayers dear steemians.


@juzkid Watching TV


Watching The Beast

It all came to an end and I came out and brushed my teeth. I had to do some small exercises in order to strengthen my body. Exercises in the morning help me alot. This is because, after Evey exercise, the body looks very strong. I had to quickly find something to eat in the morning so I picked two eggs and fried it in the saucepan. I enjoyed it with bread and tea. It was very nice. I try always to prepare my own food so that if no one is around, I can prepare my own food.


Road To Town


@juzkid Going To The Road

After enjoying my breakfast, I then went to the room to enjoy some movies on my TV. My subscription was over so I had to recharge but I do not have enough funds so I have left it for sometime. But the movie I was watching was captioned "The Beast". There was a king who had four children. He loved all of them but only one loved him. He asked them to go to the forest to bring home the beast that is tormenting the whole kingdom. When they went, only one person came back and it was the son who loved his father. The lesson I learned was that we must love everyone.


At The Jewelry Shop


@juzkid At The Jewelry

After the movie, I had to go to town so I quickly took my bath and ironed my clothes. I then dressed up and got going to town. I walked to the roadside until I got a pragya that will send me to the town. It was shining very high and with heat. I stopped a pragya and quickly headed towards town. When I got to town, I went to my friend who sells jewelries at the station area.


Pragya Driver


Going Home

We discussed some issues about work and about school we laughed for a while. I then left his place. After I realised everything was done,I stopped what I was doing and headed back home. It has been shinning brighter each day. I am glad today is a success. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards


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It is really interesting to see such a beautiful diary game from your side. The way your fried egg is looking it is making me to salivate for some. I must say that i having appetite for that.

Thanks for sharing this great day of yours with us.

 last year 

Yea it was very nice. Sorry you are not here to enjoy with me😀

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