The Diary Game [30th January, 2023]:Busy Day; Preparing For School, Signing In Staff Attendance, Repairing My Broken Phone, Buying Lunch, Signing Out From School

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Hello Lovelies

It is such a delight to come to you and share with you. I have great conviction that you are all doing super awesome. Thank you for your good will and amazing support and impact to the world of steemit. Let us try to always power up to stay relevant on the steemit platform and frequently adopt the habit of power ups. We need to hold steemit and project it up high for the world to see. Our passion and dedication is the key towards this height.


@juzkid At Staff

Today is another day. Blessings and thank you go to the Almighty God for his kindness, generosity. Every morning is began with a word of prayer after the sun has shown itself in my room. The look of things clearly shows that the day will be an amazing day and very exciting. I had a read through some passages in the Bible. After reading the Bible, I had to keep on praying for about 20minutes.


Signing In Book


Teachers Present

After that, I had to perform my usual morning routines by washing my face, visiting the washroom and taking my bath. After taking my bath, I then came to the room to complete the necessary preparations. After that was done, I then switched off all electrical appliances and got going to school. I closed all doors. These days armed robbers are very common in these parts so one must take good care of him or herself.


Students Join Group Work


@juzkid In Class

I stepped out of the building and headed towards the roadside. On the road, I realised there were not too many people here. Only a few workers were going to work. I had to hurriedly rush to school. Students were speeding up to their various classrooms. I had an early morning lesson at the 2A3 class.


In A Taxi


On My Way To Town

When I got to the classroom, I had to take students through some vocabulary items. After doing that I made them to write some dictation for me. Flabbergasted which means to be greatly surprised or astonished. It also means stunned, overwhelmed, amused. I was flabbergasted by the news of his mother's sickness. Other words like gibberish, balderdash, rubbish, greenhorn, novice, newbie, newcomer, mentee were also talked about. Students must improve on their vocabulary acquisition and it is a responsibility of the teacher to do that.


Going To The Phone Shop


At The Phone Shop

The class came to a close at 9:00am. I left the students to go for breakfast whilst I went to the staff common room to enjoy my breakfast. The break lasts for only 30 minutes and students go back to their classroom. Students always pay heed to the siren.


Students On Break


@juzkid During Break

During break, I had to go to town and send my phone to the repairers. My phone hit the tiles yesterday night. The screen came off the phone so I had to make them stitch it again. I don't play with my phone at all because it is what helps me in my steemit activities and some students slides and academic documents.


At The Staff Common Room


@juzkid Relaxing

After it was done well, I left the workshop of the phone repairers and got to the food sellers joint to get food to eat. In fact I was getting too hungry and the sun wouldn't leave me alone. I bought plain rice with stew. I then got back to school again and when no one was there at the staff common room, I enjoyed it. I had other lessons so I left the staff common room and to A1 and A2 respectively. I enjoyed my class today.


School Closes


@juzkid Walking To Entrance

School continued until 3:00am. When school closed the form 3 class had their intervention and the classes came to a close at 4. I have been asked to help in that. It has been such an amazing day today full of joy and enough activities at school. In summary it has been busy. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards


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Just us always do it is very important to put off all your electrical appliance before leaving the house. You never miss that and i am so happy about it.

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