The Diary Game [2nd February, 2023]: Stressful Day Today; Fetching Water, Eating Kenkey, Preparing For Town, Inside The Bank, At The Jewelry Shop, At The Fashion Designer's Shop, Visiting An Old Friend

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Hello Steemit Family

I am overwhelmed with joy to come your way today. January had a long days in the month and it is amazing how time flies. I am glad to share with you on this blockchain. I have great conviction that you are all doing awesome as I am doing over here. Let us take care of ourselves in this month since there is too much dust in the wind and this may course headache and catarrh. Let us do our best so we can all improve on activities that go on on the platform.


Today came as bright as always. We must be glad of each day and with the blessing and love the good Lord is giving to us. When I woke up, I took my Bible and read some passages in Psalm 55:1. The Lord said heaven is his throne and the earth is his footstool. This shows that God takes care of as in our daily activities and He watches over the earth too. After this was done, I tried to pray for a while commiting the day in the hands of the Lord.


@juzkid Fetching Water


Barrel Fetching Water Into

After that was done, I then visited the washroom to ease myself and had my teeth brushed afterwards. I realized there was no water in the barrel and our plastics so I had to quickly fill them. They are two barrels. One big one and a small one together with some drones. It took about 20minutes to do that and I stood close to it until everything was full. There is a rubber tube that connects the source to the other end.


@juzkid Eating


Kenkey With Fish

After this was done, I then had to eat some food to keep me strong and going for the morning so I took the kenkey I bought earlier and started to eat. Over here we call it the Ga kenkey. It is most common with the Ga people but because it is a nice food, it is nice to enjoy it in the morning. It goes well with fried fish with pepper and shito and sometimes with fried pork meat or chicken. But I had only fried fish to enjoy with and it was very nice.


@juzkid Walking To The Roadside


Inside Pragya

I had to go to town so I needed to bath and dress up. There are a whole lot I had to do in town. I took my bath and put on my clothes and started going. The sun was already out and I was in black so you can imagine the heat but I preferred it. I walked straight to the road sight where I would get pragya to town. The dust here is unimaginable. But what will one do? When I got to the roadside, I cleaned my shoe and stood there on wait of a passing pragya.


Inside Commercial Bank


Waiting For My Turn

After a short while, I stopped one that had only one passenger but was going to where I was going. I jumped in. Frome where I am to town isn't anything long and the fare is moderate. Immediately I got to town, I alighted and walked straight to the commercial Bank where my first activity will take place. I must confess the sun was irresistible but I had to move on.


Visiting My Friend


Ebenezer Jewelry Shop

At the Ghana Commercial Bank, there has been renovation at the bank and the facelift is amazing. Immediately I entered the place I was very satisfied. I walked straight to the customer check point to make an inquiry. There were not too many people there. You know that workers are not too many at the Bank on Thursdays but Fridays are busy in there. I sat down in wait untill I get to the 1st teller where I will put some money into my account. Savings is very necessary. After I was done, I left the place.


Fruit Sellers Around

Banking was over there were other activities as well. I walked for sometime and I visited my friend who sells jewelries. I greeted him and left there. I walked to the tailoring shop where my fashion designer is. He is good at sowing a whole lot of men's dresses and he is my favorite. I then visited his place to greet him and also ask him whether he was done with my shirt which I will use to attend a funeral on Saturday. Indeed as promised he had finished sowing both shirts and I was glad. Some tailors are crook. They don't really tell the truth and it is difficult to trust some of them. I wore it to check whether he had done the best of jobs and truly it was awesome.


@juzkid At Fashion Shop


The Tailor's Shop

I left the place in about thirty minutes. I had to visit one of my lady friends. I walked for sometime until I got to their home. It was the first time I was visiting actually. She was glad to welcome me at a part of their house where there was shade. We sat to enjoy some conversations. She asked me about school and my reason for coming home. We enjoyed some funny jokes and I left her place in two hours time for the house. She was happy I visited.


@juzkid At A friend's house


My Friend

My activities came to an end in town. It was 5:00pm already and I had to get home to see what I will eat in the evening. I am home now. I will be enjoying Fufu with palm but soup in the evening. It has been a busy day today. But I am glad all my activities came to a fruition. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards


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