The Diary Game [26th January, 2023]: Supervising The Work Of Mentee, Attending Class, Student Fellow Teacher During Break To Staff

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Hello Steemit Family

I send you warm greetings from this end. I have super great believes that you are doing well. It is awesome to always know that you are or doing well. And if you are doing well, you will be able to visit my posts and give the necessary attention to it and with that I am grateful. Let us always try to power up to always stay relevant and to support the steem economy. Try to power up for bit and bit the cock drinks. Gradually, you will get somewhere. That you to the entire Steemit Team for indulging me in my journey. I am a club100 initiative promoter and I try to always urge others to join as well.


Students In Picture

Morning again and everything that came to my sight looked new and it was such a blessing. The morning sun that steals itself through my windows was what caught my attention this morning. Morning sun they say is very good for our health. That particular sun in my room is always my morning friend and anytime I get so happy about its presence.


@juzkid In Class


Supervising A Mentee

I got up and started to have some morning prayers. Indeed it is always good to have your regular morning prayers since it is what protects us from the hands of the evil one. After the prayers, I then had some morning reading of the Bible. The Bible tells us alot and it is the word from God which carries and protects us.


Mentee Teaching


@juzkid Supervising

I then had to perform my regular morning routines. That everyday can't be skipped. I had my morning exercise. Exercise they say trains the body and the mind and I always do well to have the morning exercise. After that, I went to the washroom to ease myself, brushed and took my bath afterwards. These days the weather is so cool that if you do not take care, you can't bath the cold water. So it is always good to hear the water and bath. After I was done bathing, I then dressed up. My clothes were already ironed prior to today.


@juzkid At Staff


@juzkid In Class

After the home duties were done, I locked my door and got going. On the road to school, the road was being hit by the heat of the sun. When I got to school, I entered the staff common room and had my name signed in the attendance book. About 4 teachers had reported already. I then headed to the classroom. The atmosphere in the school looked cool because the students were all in the classroom.


Students In Class


@juzkid In Class

Today was different as I was leaving the staff the mentee had already reported. I had asked her to work on a topic and she was supposed to move to the classroom with me. She is a greenhorn and must be guided in the school well. I introduced her to the 1A3 students and gave her the platform for the lesson. She was very eager to do that. She introduced her lesson on paragraphing and revised the RPK of the students she had. She was awesome. She made Students understand what paragraphs are and what the features are. The unity, adequacy, coherence were emphasized and Students were taught what to do in an essay. Paragraphs convey one main idea.


Students During Break

Morning class came to an end after she gave them their assignment. I then took her through the necessary things she shouldn't forget in her classroom activity. She complied and told me she would do the needful in her other lessons.
School still goes on and teachers are doing their exercises well. It has been congenial in school with a serene environment. Thank you so much for your time.

Best Regards


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