The Diary Game [25th January, 2023]: Students Take Their Sentence(Parts) Lesson, Students Accompany Madam With Books

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Hello Steemit Family

Felicitations on seeing this day. It is always such a pleasure to be here always and share with you. I am doing well here and with that, I share with you such bless. Let us keep on with our daily activities. Let us frequently power up to always stay relevant and also to support the steem economy. Power ups are always germane and they help one to stay stronger and stronger each day. I have great conviction that you enjoy every aspect of my diary.


Students Accompany Teacher

Morning always come with much joy and excitement. When you wake up, there is this positive insight that the day will be very amazing and with that positive mentality, one is optimistic that things will get well. Morning routines can't be skipped. Each and everyday, our morning routines are done speedily since in school we are in a working week. I prayed to God for this day today. I read some passages in the Bible and headed towards outside and into the washroom to take my morning bath.


@juzkid In Class


Students Take Their Lesson

My clothes were all ironed already prior to today so I didn't take a long time getting to school. I dressed and got going. On my way to school, the whole place was very cool. The road didn't have so many people on the road. When I got to the entrance, students were signing their names in the report books. I headed towards the staff Common room. Most often, on Wednesday, we have our morning worship so after I entered the staff common room, I and signed my name in the staff attendance book. I then headed towards the assembly hall.


Students Accompany Madam


Madam Going To Staff

After the mass section was over, students headed towards their classrooms and morning lesson began from there. In the classroom, I taught students sentence. A sentence is a word or group of words that have or has a subject and a predicate. It can also be defined as a word or group of words that has or have a subject and a predicate, grammatical complete, self contained, that make a complete thought and ends with a fullstop. A sentence is divided into two(subject and predicate). We studied a subject to be what the predicate talk about. It is the part of the sentence that answers the who or the what question. After this was done, break came so I left the students and came to the staff common room. Whilst students were coming out, they accompanied madam with books to the staff common room.


During Break time


Moving To Staff Room

In my other classes, students were excited with the content they had for the lesson. I made them do an exercise for me to know whether what I taught them, they have learn it. Students were much at the lesson and after marking the scripts, students did so well. Those who couldn't score everything right had their corrections written and were marked accordingly. The performances of the English language paper suffers but with efforts, passion and tenacity, Students can do well.


@juzkid At Staff Room


Situation At Staff

Today has been awesome and lessons have been so wonderful. Teachers are doing their possible best to make school awesome. School closes at 3:00pm. I am in school. Lessons continue. Today doesn't look like rain and lessons are moving on smoothly. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards


You have really impacted discipline in these children. They are all looking decent and i will not be surprised if they respect am.

Thanks for sharing

 last year 

Sure they are doing well

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