The Diary Game [1st February, 2023]: I Am Travelling To Kumasi

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Hello Steemit Family

It's daybreak Africa, Ghana. Thank you for giving me such an opportunity to come your way. I am blessed. It is such a delight to be here also I have great conviction that you are all Hale and hearty. Steemit has being a home to me which I must be very great of and confess. Club100 initiative has helped to improve on my steem power. Gradually, I am climbing the steemit ladder and with tenacity, passion, dedication, love and goodwill, I will get there.


@juzkid Travelling

It's sunny today so far. Today I wouldn't be able to go to school as I usually do. I am travelling to Kumasi to check my family. That wouldn't be convincing enough for one to stop schooling but must go because the family needs me around for an urgent meeting. The family usually meets to discuss about some pressing issues and sometimes to contribute towards the progress and development of the family. At times, when there is a funeral, we usually meet to deliberate on family issues.


Road To Town


@juzkid Walking

I had a drop call from the family yesterday and I had to return the call. I was then asked to come around since everyone in the family will meet there today. It will be about 4-7 days. I sought permission from school anyway. Immediately I woke up from bed, I began with my usually morning prayers and my quiet time. It has become a part and parcel of me. Prayers are good and they make one spiritually strong and powerful physically. After the prayers, I then went outside to wash my face. I had my clothes ironed then. I then went outside to run around and try some push ups as my morning exercise. Indeed exercise trains the body and the mind. I then brushed my teeth and visited the washroom to take my bath. After bathing, I then did the necessary dressing up. I switched all electrical appliances and closed my door.


Taxi To Nsuta


@juzkid In Car

Everyone in the house had gone to work. I got into the sun with my bag and walked to the roadside. When I got there, I picked a taxi and headed towards the Nsuta township where I would get a car to Kumasi. The taxi I picked was for one of our teachers so when I alighted, he picked nothing from the money. I then walked straight to the station where I would get a ticket to buy.


@juzkid In Kumasi Car


Car Loading

I had my ticket bought for 18 Ghana cedis prices of fares have increased around here. At first, it was around 15 Ghana cedis. One has to go and therefore I had purchase it. I am in an ovan car now and it is still loading. This has been my activity in the morning when travelling. It has been an amazing day today, but the sun is up high here. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards


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It is good to see that your family usually meets to discuss such pressing issues. This definitely as you said will help in the development and growth of the family . There will also be love and affection towards each other.

Best wishes and safe journey in and out.


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That is for sure. Family is important

sure bro.👍👍

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