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I want to thank all of my teammates (@kaysmile44, @adeljose, @myfreelive, @futven12, @natalimarisa2019, @f21steem, @jacorv), my followers, commenters, the #depression community, but also @knitrias and @leveuf.
I also want to give a special thanks to @cryptokannon, she has helped me along my journey in numerous ways.

At the beginning of my journey here, I wrote about the aspects of depression I had chosen. I bought a notebook and wrote down the titles to my subjects I want to adress. Everything went smoothly.

Then the past two weeks I had hard times concentrating, I could barely keep my deadlines and got worried about the quality of my content. I was out of pre-prepared drafts and was panicking about my subjects on depression.

The conversations I had with Knitrias and Leveuf gave me new ideas, new aspects and new motivation. Reading the posts of my fellow teammates inspires me.

Reading the depression episodes of @celtikrage has given me a reminder of how every individual experiences depression differently, but still everyone with depression shares certain symptoms and emotions.

I am thankful to be a part of steemit and thankful for all the wonderful people I had the opportunity to meet here so far.

So, THANK YOU everyone 🥰🤗❤


💕 We're a team and we supports each one a us anytime we need.

 29 days ago (edited)

And I will continue to support you all aswell! Thankies ❤

@rashia!! We support you, the Lord is your strength.

Thank you very much, of course I will support you aswell! I may not believe in the biblical god, but I respect the thought and feelings. Thank you very much. I wish you good fortune. ❤

Keep flowing with all those ideas and keep writing. Listen to music and relax, it's all in the mind. Stay positive.
I send you a hug! ❤

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Thank you very much and yes it's in the mind. But the people around us always are an influence and all I have mentioned have been an amazingly positive influence on me🥰

Fist, thank you very much for your beautiful presence, creativity and experience shared. Your constant feedback on all the aspects of this community has been very important and your personal project deserves great attention for every one of us. We have been working for a month now with great achievements and surely the path will be full of joy.

Thank you very much for this expression of pleasure for the creativity, relations and knowledge shared with us. From @Leveuf and me, our admiration and happiness to meet you!!

All the Beauty, the Good and the Best!!

 29 days ago (edited)

Thank you very much to both of you. I am glad my words and sincere feelings have reached you. I have said this before ever joining the project once already, but I believe in this project and would have supported it no matter if I personally partake in it or not. I see a huge potential for steemit and humanity in this project.

The project is a lovely concept and will surely become even more successful. The success we have with the project is because of everyone's efforts. But one aspect is very important, there are alot of projects where the project managers don't regard the opinions or feedback of their members, you and leveuf have helped immensly to make this project a success through paying attention to feedback and applying it in the way you find most productive.

I am just happy you contacted me on my first day on steemit and gave me the opportunity to be a part of this. 🥰

You two have connected me with many amazing individuals of course I also mean both of you.

Dear @Rashia!! Thank you very much for this beautiful words and great encouragement. Yes, the project will grow, but I will add that now the project is of all Members, the future will depend on what we want to do and where we want to go.
Communication is fundamental, and encouragement to improve between us all. There's a beautiful way ahead!!
I wish you all the success for your projects, it's really an honor to be part of them!!
Big hug and much love and light!!

Keep on going @rashia we will always support you. Sometimes we need to take a break too and that's understandable. As long as not stop, just keep moving forward. I think I will put your post on how you would like to help/contribute to the community on steemingcurators showcase for more exposure. Do you have the post of yours the best one that you recommend and think would give people an overall aspect of what you want to offer? We will put it on our showcase as a permanent mention/notice. 😊

Thank you very much. Yes breaks are important, but I am a newcomer, I need to push forward on my path before I can take a break. I need to be steady first.

I checked my posts and don't really have one fitting the criteria... and my introduction post is pretty shabby since it was my first post. I have comments explaining it better lmao... if I make such a post I don't know where to post it though..🤔

nice you keep going with the momentum @rashia maybe you compile all the comments and make it as a post 😃

I'll make a post tomorrow that would be suitable for the steemingcurators showcase.

Thank you so so much @cryptokannon. I really can't put into words the gratitude I have for you and everything you have done for me. Thank you so much for being by my side and helping so many newcomers. You are a lovely and amazing person, truly, thank you ❤🥰❤

Sorry @cryptokannon I had alot going on today. I did not forget you, I will make a post tomorrow !

@rashia, hi, you wrote an amazing post, very sincere and truthful. Thank you my dear, @rashia. we support you!
Have a beautiful day!

Thank you very much Valeri. 🥰 I support you as well! Have a lovely day! ❤

I´m happy to read you have new motivation and new ideas to post.
You have a very good option with #knitrias project.
I hope to read: rashia(60) in a short time.
Be happy!!

Thanks to you @rashia, it really helps to read your blog, and feel supported :) Keep going, you're a really good writer, and you're giving me inspiration, thanks to you I'll write more and more, until I run out of ideas... Guess it won't happen soon :) Thanks so much for sharing, and caring!

I am glad to hear that! I am also happy that I inspire you hehe. Thank you very much for the compliment 😁

Keep writing and I will keep resteeming 🥰

I will continue to share and I also won't stop caring 🤗

Why to live in this kind of situation when life is so beautiful to explore, everything is in our mine, we have the power to change it. The best thing in life is living in peace instead of punishing ourselfs for no reason... @rashia hugs.

Hello @edgarare1,

I had depression for about 15 years of my life. I no longer have depression and want to help others who are suffering from depression, people who know others who have depression and I want to help make people aware of the severity of depression and help them understand what depression is, how it feels and what depressed people experience.

Thank you for your care, but I am enjoying life now very much hehe.

Hugs back 🤗

It sounds wonderful @rashia I always like when I find out people trying to help others in one way or another, it is good to hear about you and you are ok now, that´s wonderful. I would like to help a little bit, let me know when you publish something more and i will resteem your content to find more audience and help others...!!! hugs again..

 last month (edited)

Wow, thank you so much. I am glad to hear there are more people who want to help others. Your offer is greatly appreciated, thank you again 🤗

I post my depression blog every Wednesday.