Easy Peasy Winter Garden - how regenerative garden makes things simple!

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Here at Kindred Acres we practice regenerative gardening. We use no-till gardening methods along with hugelkultur beds and a variety of other regenerative practices to where we are giving back to the land. We are building the soil up and creating an ecosystem below our feet. This has proven year after year to be mega-successful. Not only do we grow tons of produce but we do NOT use any synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, etc. Once you practice this method of gardening, you are then focusing strictly on soil building vs growing plants. Here is what I say to the folks that come to our classes.....it is our job to grow the soil and it is the soil's job to grow the plants. If you keep this school of thought you will be paid tenfold in return. Gardening SHOULD be easy AND enjoyable! It IS if you do it this way. I promise!

Winter gardening, using this method, could not be simpler. It is literally a hands-off thing. I planted the seeds late fall and I just go out and pick what I want to eat. No worrying about watering, weeding, pest control, etc. During the winter months, this is the time to rest and restore so having a hands-off garden is super important to me. It allows me to focus my time on my daughter and myself.

Here are a few pictures from our winter garden and our harvest for the day. If you are interested in learning more about restorative gardening, follow along on our page and find us on Facebook!

Tango lettuce- one of my favorites

Giant Red Mustards

Southern Curled Mustard

Swiss Chard - Verde De Taglio

Everbearing strawberry

Perpetual Spinach


A mix of radish and cabbages

Tango lettuce and arugula

Winter Rye

Austrian Winter Pea


More radish

Curly kale


Kindred Acres Mustard. This is our very own variety that we have hybridized to a stable level. They are so yummy and super tough/hardy.



Winter hardy sugar peas


Cilantro and bolted mustards. This variety is a super quick growing type and bolts fast but it is actually grown FOR its flowers and leaves. The flowers are so flavorful (almost like a mild broccoli with a bit of sweetness to it) and the more you pick the more it produces.

Ummm....this one needs no caption. LOL!

As you can see, we harvested some goodies. I typically harvest only what we need at the moment but the plants were in need of some harvesting so we brought a bag full inside and we also harvested a bit extra for our neighbor. We harvested some leeks to use in our dinner.

Sharing is caring!! ;)

And finally, we harvested some Tatsoi to add to our dinner tonight.

Which was.... Homegrown Leek And Potato Soup!!

Our Leek And Potato Soup came out so fabulously delicious that Kaliah asked for THIRDS! It sure does make me feel so good to provide her with the most nutritious foods and and the peak of ripeness, harvested minutes before prepared. The Tatsoi wasn't even cooked....we just tossed it in at the very end as we took the pot off the stove. Just enough to wilt them but also to keep their nutritional contents in tact. It was so so fresh and delicious.

So you see, when you work WITH the land, focus on regenerative gardening, and grow soil....you will be paid back tenfold.....with nutritious and delicious food and with time. Time that can be spent with your family.

With lots of love
-Kindred Acres

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Congratulations, your post has been selected to be included in my weekly Sustainability Curation Digest for the Minnow Support Project.

Thanks Pennsif!! :)

Just looking at all this green and happy lives made me full of joy and inspiration ... thank you <3

Aww Thanks! And I am happy to hear it helped to inspire you. It's our goal! ;)

Loved the beautiful sheen on the red mustard. Actually several of the plants had a nice sheen, but that red mustard! And a strawberry flower in January, oh my!

Such lovely plants. :))

Right! And seriously the flavor is indescribable. I can buy the same exact variety at a farmers market but it doesn't compare to what is growing here using regenerative practices. The soil is so full of minerals and nutrients that the layers of flavor in the food is out of this world. Delicious. The strawberries are happy because of all the woodchips. We have gotten a few here and there through winter and they are SUPER SUPER sweet. The cold makes them sweeter. So delicious.

I couldn't agree more, it is all about the soil. love all the glorious greens you have in your garden xxxx