New Project: Show yourself on Steem Geography! 😊🌐 // New Project: Show yourself on Steem Geography! 😊🌐 Hi, I am @steem-muksal

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Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Hi friends, all steemit friends, I hope you are always healthy and successful, in this post I want to introduce myself to the #SteemGeography community, a community founded and founded by @belenguerra , a woman who is beautiful, diligent, brave and brave. .
Let me get to know each other better I introduce myself ..

•What is your name?

My name is Muksal mina, usually I am called muksal (mina), now I am 24 years old, I work as a construction worker, I am the 3rd child of 4 siblings, have 1 brother and 3 younger siblings.

• Share your photos so we can meet you!

my photo @steem-muksal

• In which country do you live?

I live in the country of INDONESIA 🇲🇨, to be precise in ACEH UTARA, LHOKSEUMAWE. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and the country with the largest Muslim population and the largest population in the world, with more than 230 million people, Indonesia is a vast forest country and has 33 provinces.

• What is your city or town?

My city is the city of LHOKSEUMAWE, which is located in the province of ACEH, namely ACEH - UTARA, the city of Hokseumawe is also one of the most populous cities and most importantly in my city there are so many beautiful tours that are no less than the ones in Indonesia.

• Name 3 things you like the most about your neighborhood (or where you live)

What I like most where I live are:
• the first has beautiful and amazing tours.
• The second has green mountains.
• the third has wide and clean seas and lakes.

• What do you like about #steemit

• I like steemit because steemit makes me want to always think ..

• I think steemit is a way for me to develop and share my talents, and in this steemit I know a variety of knowledge and experiences.

• In Steemit I can get great people from all over the world, and I can share experiences and knowledge that can make me happy in Steemit, the first time we at Steemit get knowledge and various experiences.

• Why do you love the Steem Geography Community?

I like this Steem Geography community because I have a talent for nature, I love landscapes such as clean seas, beautiful lakes and mountains, in this Steem Geography community I also get various experiences about nature out there that I have never visited and here we are for sure. share new information in the world about nature.

• Share photos of the places closest to your house that you like the most.


the closest place to my house (pasee river)


the closest place to my house (pasee river)


closest place to my house (mountains)

The closest places to my house are mosques


if you want to find out more about me you can visit the link

That is what I can share my introduction to the #SteemGeography community. I hope we all become good friends, we can take care of each other ..

Thank you @belenguerra, lovely lady, enforcer of the #SteemGeography community

greetings from me @steem-muksal

regards #MuksalMina

 3 years ago 

Wow!! It's nice to meet you my friend!! Thank you! I'm glad to see you in a picture!! :) :)

Have a great day!!

Thank you for sharing in Steem Geography! Your post has been selected for today as part of the Steemit Communities support Program.
I appreciate a lot your engagement with this community.

I’d love to hear more from you!!

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 3 years ago 

Thank you too @belenguerra I am very happy, this struggle was not in vain ,, Thank you ..

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