How much is your photo's worth?

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Some (5) years ago, I was able to sell one of my iPhone photography for $9 through an IOS app that I can't even remember the name of now. The app only applies to iPhone photos. I recall that my photography wasn't great back then which made me wonder why would anyone spend $9 for it. It's kind of frustrating that there is no information about the buyer of my photo. I just received a notification on the app that one of my photos was sold and the payment was delivered to my Paypal account.

It feels like that the process is lacking transparency.

I'm not even sure who set the $9 price tag for my photo. It made me think if this kind of centralization is something that I would comfortable with.

Afterward, none of my photos are selling and so I lose the motivation to upload more photos to the platform. I also learned that the app has ceased its operation some months after that.

Looking back into that experience while comparing it to what we are having on this platform, I just realize how lucky I am to be able to participate in this platform. The decentralized nature of this platform gives me the confidence that my content is safe because it doesn't rely on a single entity to operate. If in case, one or three of the witnesses will stop validating transactions in the blockchain, there are more backup witnesses that will step in and take over the job.

This model is resilient.

It's also transparent enough to let me know who is upvoting my content. I even think that my photos could be priced based on the payout that I get from my post. It's the community or crowd's wisdom that determines the value of photography. As more curators upvote my photography content then the more they became valuable.

This is the kind of system that gives me the feeling of trust in the system and the motivation to keep going on this journey.

Having that in mind, I look forward to more years of an amazing journey on this platform.

Have a great day!


Hi, @photocircle I know what you mean. i I have been away from Steemit for over a year. Nice to be back and looking to post my photo's again, have you looked at NFT's?