Bob Marley- Three Little Birds

Bob Marley was a talented songwriter, but sometimes inspiration came to him as a gift from somewhere else. "Three Little Birds," a simple, upbeat song that became a hit several times, was a gift from nature. His composition was inspired by the birds flying through the windows of 56 Hope Road, his home and the home of Bob Tuff Gong in the late 1970s.

"The Three Little Birds" makes singing come naturally to Bob, according to Gilly Gilbert, Bob's best friend, tour manager and workout partner, who cooks the Italian food he feeds the singer on tour and at home. . . Gilly watched Bob write a song. Bob's all-female trio, the I-Threes, found meaning in the singer's lyrics. Bob sometimes called them "the three little birds." Marcia Griffiths remembers the song: “We really liked that song. "Even when I wrote it, I thought it was our song."

Beginning with 1977's Exodus (which Time magazine named the best album of the century in 1999), "Three Little Birds" slipped into the second half of the album, while "Jamming" and "Waiting In Boin" were notable. declared. It is one of the critically acclaimed hits from the first half of the album.

Compared to Exodus' title track or the soulful "Natural Mystique," "Three Little Birds" seems a little more optimistic, with a simple chorus and Bob's Little Birds' message that "everything's going to be okay." Just as the singer patiently waited for the world to catch up with his music (more than a decade after his creation), "Three Little Birds" decided to take its time. Perhaps one of the reasons this song was not released as a single in 1977 was that the song's theme was not part of the song's hook. Even today, some listeners believe that the song was actually called "Don't Worry About A Thing" or "Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright."

However, in 1980 Three Little Birds began its steady climb towards "classic" status, despite being released as a Birdcage album and reaching the UK Top 20. The song was too happy, too powerful, too happy to be hidden in the weeds.


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