Adele - Rolling in the Deep

Adele's debut album, '21', changed the music industry forever after writing the first verses of 'Rolling in the Deep' in a San Francisco Chinese restaurant. The album's compositiva and unfiltered love lyrics made it a classic of contemporary pop. Adele's debut album, '19', featured hits like 'Daydreamer', 'Hometown Glory', 'Chasing Pavements', and Bob Dylan's 'Make You Feel My Love'. After a successful debut with '19', Adele faced the challenge of her second album and the risk of not being as equal as the first.

Adele's debut televisive appearance in 2011 was met with a sense of fear, similar to the fear felt by stars like Björk and Paul McCartney. Ian Wade, a young music critic, recalls how he became a fan of Adele from the moment he first heard her. He later reseñar '21' for BBC after admitting it was "so wonderful that you're obligated to levantarte and aplaudir after the first escucha". The album's combination of classic and atemporales, such as "Someone like you," blues sureño, and bossanova, along with high-quality production and identifiable lyrics, was a success. The detonating song, 'Rolling in the Deep', was particularly impressive, with Leo Taylor's balada rhythm exploding the rabia. The musician explained that to create the sound of the drums, they built a "túnel" with tres tambores, experimented with the pieces, and accompanied them with pisadas and palms.

Adele, a British artist, has achieved immense success with her song "One and Only" (Una y Única) and her unique style. She has only had to make three annual tours due to the popularity of her songs. Adele is one of the only artists who can go against the current trend and release a slow-paced disc, as her previous albums, '19', '21', and '25', are synonymous with quality and her audience knows that she will need to wait for the next release.

Adele's recent appearance on Saturday Night Live in October 2020 was met with disappointment from fans who expected her to announce her new disco. Paul Epworth, one of Adele's usual producers, is not involved in this future album, but Taylor believes that one of her songs may have another opportunity in the next album. With 31 million copies sold and a triple Guinness record, no other album has sparked so much interest in Adele's career.


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