Contests and projects on Steemit - #2

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Dear Steemians

I've decided to create my own weekly list. Please feel free to leave a comment along with the contest, project or challenge that you run. I will add them to the list in the next post.

I will start with the longest-running project.


1 - The dance contest has been running since July 2017. This evening I will announce "Dance contest week 187".

I announce this dance contest every Sunday but you should create your post by Friday. This dance contest runs on

2 - The "dance and have fun" project is a free dance project. What does "free project" mean? It means that it will not be announced and that you won't get any prize for your participation. "Dance and have fun week 132" started on Saturday. You can create a post with the title, "Dance and have fun week..." along with your dance video. This dance project run on

3 - The "Dance party" is the latest of my creations. On Thursday I announced "Dance party week 22". This is the latest link,

4 - Bailando en casa... This event has been suggested by @crissanch and this is the latest link,


1 - The "Sing and play" music project/contest is probably the longest-running music project here on Steemit. I run two editions, the regular edition and the music contest edition. These are the latest links, and

2 - Music for Steem is run by @musicforsteem. The reason why I'm including this music event is that I like it and I also take part in it. Please visit their community page on


1 - "Keep fit and have fun" is a fitness project that started as "The fitness contest". It's a fun way to keep fit. This is the latest link, but tomorrow I will announce "Keep fit and have fun week 55", so wait until tomorrow if you like to take part.

Interesting posts:

Please feel free to add your project or contest to the list. Just leave a comment!

Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for reading!


Hay que seguir activos en estos concursos y si hay nuevos participar.

Muchas gracias por el apoyo @donatello, vamos por más...

De nada.
No dudes en agregar tu último enlace al concurso.

Hola holaaaaa es maravilloso poder disfrutar de todas estas actividades, gracias amigo por brindarnos tu apoyo. Un abrazo.

Esta semana me activare con los concursos, saludos 😊

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