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About Me

My Self @stream4u, I am on Steemit since July 2020 and full-time active user. You may have seen my posts on various contests and some of your post comment sections.

I had started my Cryptocurrency journey back in 2018 with small investments. But, I got it seriously in 2020 only and started to learn more and monitor the market daily.

I am an active trader in the Indian Stock Market for the last 3 years. My days start with it & ends with the same. Now Crypto Market is also part of my daily routine work.

You can check out my dairy posts wherein I share my daily observation of the Indian Stock & Crypto Market.

I have not done any certification courses. I must say, I have learned from my mistakes & I am happy to share my experience here with you all. Things that I have learned in these last 3 years & the mistakes which I have made during my initial stage, that help me to improve my knowledge and I am willing to share my experience with newcomers so that they do not have to go through those mistakes.

Believe me, you can not find such information anywhere, and not on any book or course can give or share that level of knowledge.

Why I think I would be suitable to become a Steemit Crypto Professor.

Because; I know people's point of view, how they look at the market, and what actually they need to find.

  1. As I mentioned above, I have a live market experience which can not give by any other book or courses. The books and courses on the market can only give you the basic details, but when at the time of live, the market moves differently.

  2. I know many of us enter into the market either because of their friend suggestions or just buy brand things and see later.

  3. I know due to lack of knowledge, people didn't know when market playing with them and because of this they square off the position in loss and later they think why I did that?

  4. Some people enter into the market just because of the market running, later when the market down they don't have an option other than just waiting.

I always try to provide information on the crypto market through my posts and comments, check below my statement for an example which I mentioned in my dairy game post when the crypto market falls on 11th January 2021.

But still, my view is saying that this fall is for creating a panic situation, hit the stop losses so that majority of people sell their coins and after that crypto market take sharp recovery.


You can see, after that, the market has taken sharp recovery. So according to the above details, I believe being a Steemit Crypto Professor, I can share my points, knowledge, information with a large audience which helps them in the crypto market.

What Topics I Will Cover After Being As A Steemit Crypto Professor?


I am sure that everyone has basic theory information like what is a cryptocurrency etc. So, in these 5 topics, I would like to cover those points which will remain constant lifetime with you and that can also be used in any kind of other markets, like forex, commodities, stocks.

The fact is everyone here is to make profits and you will get the profit when you understand the market.

Even there is a strong coin like BTC, ETH not everyone has made a profit, because either they enter at the wrong time or square off early to avoid more losses. Hence, it is very important to understand the market, and it is movement, price action.

It is very important to maintain the capital and how we can roll that to cover the losses.

Let me tell you that I Do Technical Analysis In The Market.

99% I prefer to understand the market from its technical chart when I feel something wrong then only I check related news. I never go with the Brand name, News, Forums/Discussions.

Hence, my topics will be on the Technical Concept and as I mentioned above this knowledge, the information will remain constant lifetime with you and can also be used in any kind of other markets, like forex, commodities, stocks.

Crypto Course Topics

  1. How To Read And Understand The Technical Chart?
  2. What Is the Meaning of Support & Resistance?
  3. How to Find A Buy and Sell Zone?
  4. How To Do Money Management & Buy?
  5. Which Coins & What Capital/Investment Use For The Long Term.

There are more below topics, you can swap with the above as per requirements.

  • What is Technical Indicator 200 MA & How To Use in Trade?
  • How To Use Technical Indicator SuperTrend?
  • What Is Higher High & Lower Low Trend?
  • What is Resistance Breakout and How To Use in Trade?
  • What Is StopLoss & Its Importance?
  • What Is CoinGecko & How To Use this source?
  • How To Maintain Patience and Cycology In Market?

My Posts On Crypto.

I have made many short posts about the crypto market on Steemit when I was joined. I made posts during the live market and as per my view suggested, those live posts are BTC / USD Market.

Informing you just for an example which was same I have replied to someone through the comments. Just 5 months ago, I made a post "BTC/USD .......Live Chart - Technical View", this is a short post because during the live I was making so cant invest more time.

In this post, I mentioned when BTC at 11900;

It is good to wait till the price action come new first support level which we can see at around 9000-1000.

Later on, the exact low made between 9000 - 10000 and from then it is shooted up and unstoppable.

BTC / USD Chart

Below are my posts from the most recent on the crypto based and apart from these, you can also check my dairy game posts wherein you will find crypto information.

Crypto Coins Need Your Attention | Technical Performance

Why Cryptocurrency Shows Different Prices Offer On Different EXCHANGES

Ripple(XRP) | How You Currently Look At Ripple(XRP)?

STEEM: Technical Forecast, Candle Chart, Future Price Action.


Disclaimer: I am not a certified market advisor and also not 100% accurate.

The information that I will be going to cover are totally my points and based on live experienced.

The technical study does not give 100% accuracy but it helps you to understand the current market price action, and also helps you in when to buy, sell, hold, and at what level we can invest more to average.

The technical concept may go wrong but it does not give huge losses if we follow well and hence money management is also needed so that in such a situation it helps, cover when technical study goes wrong.

Thank You.


As Preference, My All Posts and Comments are Set For 100% Power Up.


wow great to see you as a professor.
Is there any other Recruitment? Other than Professor?

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Congratulations 👨‍🏫 professor 😄

Thank You.

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