The Steemit Crypto Academy - Professors Recruitment

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Bitcoin has broken $40,000 in the past few days, and the crypto market is booming!

Steemit has always been a great place for onboarding people to the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Our simple wallet names and our familiar social blogging interface takes away much of the mystery and complexity for crypto newcomers.

We now want to build on this by establishing a whole learning program to make Steemit the go-to platform for anyone wanting to enter the world of crypto.

To help us achieve this we are looking to draw upon the large pool of crypto knowledge in the community to recruit our first team of ‘Steemit Crypto Professors’.

The Steemit Crypto Professors

For the first phase of this project we are looking for at least five ‘Crypto Professors’ to prepare and run crypto courses on Steemit.

These Steemit Crypto Professors will be expected to make weekly course posts, and set ‘homework tasks’ for their students from each course.

In return the Professors will receive generous votes from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02.

The topics for each weekly course will be agreed between the professors and the Steemit team.

How to apply to be a Professor

If you would like to be considered as a Steemit Crypto Professor you should make a post with the following information…

  • a summary of your experience on Steem, and other blockchains, and other relevant off-chain experience or qualifications (no more than 250 words)

  • a description of why you think you would be suitable to become a Steemit Crypto Professor (no more than 250 words)

  • an outline of the topics you would cover in a sample 5 week course suitable for newcomers to the crypto world (no more than 500 words)

  • links to your three best crypto related posts you have made on Steem

Application posts can be in any language, and should be published by 11pm UTC on Tuesday, January 26th.

Please include the tag #cryptoprofessor and put a link to your post in the comments below.

We plan to announce the first Steemit Crypto Professors by the end of January.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


I think this is something that suits my interests and passion, I can delve deeper, yet can make it simpler for the Newcomers.

Thank you so much for this.

Steem on.

This is a task you were born for :)

Thank you so much. It's really motivating.

by establishing a whole learning program to make #Steemit the go-to platform for anyone wanting to enter the world of crypto.

This is exactly what we need and has my full and unconditional support.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of "ready-made" Communities in the Crypto World and it has always been my focus to onboard these Communities to #Steemit / #Steem for them to talk and discuss amongst themselves.

Also by promoting #Steemit as the go-to place to help educate those looking at getting into Crypto for the first time will open up a number of endless opportunities for many.

This is a great initiative and one that I am looking forward to promoting and supporting.

Awesome job..!!


This is an amazing idea. I will surely be one of the students and In the future, graduate to be a professor. Thank you so @steemitblog for this. I will be in full support.
#twopercent #nigeria #affable

Great idea...

Steemit to the moon

Hello @steemitblog, I have a question.
Is it true that if someone delgates to @upvu or @gotogether will receive no upvotes from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02/ all steemcurator accounts.
I ask this for @shohana1.

Wow amazing idea,like those crypto knowledge professors always useful to the community.

Very useful for new members,hope soon we see amazing ,talented professors in our community.

It would even be merrier to see people begin to insert in their curriculum vitae that they're "CryptoProfessor"

Just getting into this but I've watched bitcoin and others for a while now. Looking to learn a few things

Being a steemit crypto professor will be an absolute delight pleasure.
Thank you for given people the chance to showcase their abilities.

The most effective, educative and examplary initiative taken by steemit team.
Would love to become crypto student. Surely we could contribute alot in crypto market after this initiative.

Education is really important especially in these days when traditional, outdated education is getting students backwards. I wish everyone best of luck.

Wow I would like to join as a student. 😆 Professor please start the classes soon.

Great Idea. Knowledge sharing is really essential and I want to share my knowledge & Passion with newcomers.

My Application Post

Special Regards:

Greetings friend @steemitblog.

This is a topic that I have been doing during the beginning of the year, it is something educational about exchange management, I hope you support me.

This is an excellent idea, if you are pleased, I will join the candidates in Spanish to generate knowledge about these topics.

Thank you in advance for your attention

I think I can do this because I have experience in cryptocurrency.

What a great idea!
I have long wanted to study more deeply crypto world.
I will be a diligent student.

Que bueno equipo, espero con ansias hacer esos cursos. Se que aquí hay muchos que tienen mucho conocimiento.
Saludos desde Venezuela..

Есть мысли! Напишу пост!

Great idea. I have not dived deeper into the Crypto world so i would love to learn from the First selected crypto professors and then increase my knowledge by doing my favorite thing, "Research". Thanks to Steemit for once again coming up with a great idea :)

I must have gone through there without paying much attention, really there is all the basic information, it is great what you have shared. If they also ask me about the discord, the new ones have many concerns, it is wonderful to try to guide them, it feels like being a teacher again. @elgranpoeta

Yes ... It is a publication of months ago, but it has not lost its validity ... It can always be useful for those who need it ... Greetings!

This is awesome!! I really want to be a student!! Lol. I think that is necessary to know more about cryptocurrencies as a member of the #steemit ecosystem!

It's a great idea!

This is a great initiative and one that I am looking forward to promoting and supporting.
It is a great idea, new participants are constantly entering and it is cordial to guide and support them, just as we entered the platform three years ago and had to learn

Esta es una gran iniciativa y espero promover y apoyar.
Es una gran idea constantemente estan entrando nuevos participantes y es cordial orientarlos y apoyarlos, al igual que nosotros entramos hace tres años en la plataforma y tuvimos que aprender

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great idea 💡 and i am to new with the topic of steemit but i share this

Want to be at the top of the student list.

I love this idea...!

People out there kindly join us to part of crypto world come here your free to register done

This is something I would love use my time on, I am very passionate about crypto and can deliver. Thanks so much @steemitblog for introducing this concept.

This is my entry

Wow @steemitblog, this is good.
Please expect my entry.

This is the best ever that will happen in steemit where Steemians will learn and understand cryptocurrencies by experts. I think their should be a duration of 6months of learning, for the students. And at the end of the 6months the students the graduands should be award with a Certificate that is design by steemit itself. Thank you once again @steemitblog for this new development.

Great initiative !! Really useful for newcomers.
We translated the post into Italian for our community.

urm sounds interesting..

Thank you very much for this initiative I'm already preparing my post. Hopefully I will be apointed

great project and the realization seems even better ! wp !

Idea is really great and hopeful we are Going to get something good. Thanks for this news @steemitblog

Quite an interesting contest, It is crucial that modules be set to help acquaint newcomers with the knowhow of crypto and blockchain generally. I think it's worth a do.

Resteeming this and I may consider to apply
The sound of it is great, I think it can be a phenomenal addition to what's already there but still undiscovered..

this would be very interesting

Loved this initiative and this will help steemit bring more value and also a way to share the knowledge with more steemians. Lets make steem and crypto more popular through this. good work team

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Que excelente iniciativa, es una gran propuesta

Good idea!!
I'm interested..I'm sure very glad to be part of the steemit. Thanks @steemitblog

steem on

I would like to be proffesor

That is such a good idea! cant wait to be a student!

May I please ask if this covers Steem alone or blockchain and crypto in general?

I think crypto in general.

@steemitblog Would you please consider to support @surpassinggoogle. He's a great Steemian, and once had a successful community. For sure, your support will bring back the joy many Steemians had. Maybe you are aware of #ulog.

Greetings friend @steemitblog.

I would like to be part of the team of teachers, however, I see regrettable, the indifference not to say discrimination, they have about my publications and performance.

I reiterate my commitment to the platform, and therefore, every day, every week I am available to create educational content and also clarify doubts of some users.

I would like my efforts to be valued by the team, at least with comments.

I am at your disposal to support this educational process.

Good morning, this is the link to my application
An application for a crypto professor : Why i am the best fit


This is very great initiative that will help us to know and learn more on crypto and steem. Thanks very much @steemitblog.

Cool and resteemed :-)

Если правильно понимаю, что для подготовки профессоров тоже нужны какие-то курсы?)

Keep it up nice thought

Excelente iniciativa están lanzando para ayudar a más personas a especializarse en esto que es el futuro de las finanzas .

Les dejo mi postulación:

Hi @steemitblog
Please check it ☝😁

Hello i am new here in steemit and i would be very pleased to have more followers.


Great! I love cryptocurrency and the Blockchain world,I have 3 years in this and I love it,I look forward to excellent feedback.

This is a great idea! I can’t wait to learn more.

This should be really interesting. I can't wait to see it.

Great idea to cater to the newcomers and bring them in!

That's an idea with great potential.
Both thumbs up!

Yes I can wait to start learning MORE!!

I am a general user
I want to know if steemit was created just for the purpose of earning?
No useful content. Just full of unnecessary content.

Hey guys. Im late, but...

I had experience with crypto since 2010. Oneof the early adopters of Bitcoin and used to mine Litecoin back in the day...

Besides a blog me and a friend have, I have big experience in crypto. I used to work for a major project as a Blockchain (crypto) adviser and content manager (ie I was giving the green light for content related to crypto.) If team interested we can continue talking. And if it aint too late.


I was also invovlved in the ICO wave of madness :-)
#crypto #professor #blockchain #cryptoacademy

New and Interesting idea.

Come to think of it, Steem is also a blockchain and both steem and sbd are cryptocurrencies. Makes sense...

This is a very good initiative. It addresses an important area: general knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrency and the blockchain, which is important.

I think that while @steemingcurators has performed an incredibly important role in education about Steemit, this one will focus more generally on cryptocurrency and the blockchain. While @steemingcurators will continue to specialize and excel in the specific area of Steemit. This will help complete the knowledge base of newcomers and veterans alike.

I am happy to see Steemit and Steemitblog continue to help community members grow in knowledge in this space. Knowledge and understanding will help the community flourish.


This is fantamoglorious.

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