Photo 52 - 2020 Photo Challenge - White Winter Wonderland Through a Crystal Ball - Wednesday Walk

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With the extreme cold we having been having I haven't been going very far on my walks but I do try to get out in mid afternoon when the sun is shining to catch some "rays" and enjoy our cold but beautiful winter wonderland!

I was having some fun with my new crystal photo globe and caught some stunning photos right in our sheltered yard. Perfect for week three of Photo52 Challenge with a theme of White details here. This is open for anyone to join in and you can join in on all 52 sessions or any one session that catches your interest! I have accepted the challenge and I'm going to do my best to do all 52 sessions. My entry for week 1 on Selfies can be found here Week 2 on NEW here

Now on with week 3 where we have no shortage of white around us with all the fresh snow we have been having!

As I step out onto the deck I'm are surrounded by beautiful evergreens laden with fresh snow on their branches. That site in itself is a delight to see but it becomes magical when you view it through the crystal globe...

Large Snowy Spruce Tree Just off Our Deck Reflected in Crystal Ball

spruce with snowy branches by deck reflected in crystal globe on stand.JPG

Let's have a closer look at this beautiful design from nature captured in the crystal ball...

Closeup of Crystal Ball Reflecting the Snowy Spruce Tree

spruce with snowy branches by deck reflected in crystal.JPG

Here's some other views from around our deck...

Snowy Scene of Our Deck Reflected in the Crystal Ball

Snowy scene on deck reflected in crystal globe.JPG

Bird Feeder and Hoop House with Background of Snowy Evergreens Reflected in the Crystal Ball

Snowy scene looking towards birdfeeder from deck reflected in crystal globe.JPG

Closeup of that Scene with Snowy Spruce Bird Feeder and Hoop House

Snowy scene of trees from deck reflected in crystal globe with blue coloring.JPG

Beautiful Snow Covered Spruce Tree Reflected in Crystal Ball

snow on spruce and pine in yard relected in crystall globe.JPG

Another View of the Large Snowy Spruce by Deck Reflected in Crystal Ball

big snowy spruce in yard capture in blue crystal globe on stand.JPG

Reflection in Crystal Ball of Path to Neighbors

Snowy Spruce by path to neighbors reflected in crystal globe in hand.JPG

Capturing the Icicles in the Crystal Ball

snowy pines and icicles reflected in cyrstal globe in my hand.JPG

Enough of the scenes from our deck , let's venture down the lane for there is more wonders to be seen...

Bruno Raring to Go Play in the Snow

Bruno leaping in snow.JPG

Bruno Waiting for Me at Head of the Willow Lane

Bruno sitting in front of snowy willow lane.JPG

At the head of the lane there was a young spruce draped in snow that I admired each time I walked by. Now I wanted to see it through the magic of the crystal ball.

Young Spruce Draped in Snow Reflected in Crystal Ball

3 Snowy Spruce reflected in crystal globe.JPG

Closeup of Single Snow Draped Spruce Reflected in Crystal Ball

Single Snowy Spruce reflected in crystal globe.JPG

Further down the lane we have our well house which was behind a fallen spruce covered in snow. This made for a beautiful snowy display (Kind of looks like one of those snow globes!)

Gazing at Well House Behind Waves of Snow Covered Branches

glancing into a snowy scene with spruce and well house reflected in crystal globe.JPG

When we reached the opening by our garage my eye was drawn to the sun kissed spruce which reflected magnificently in the crystal globe.

Sun Kissed Snowy Spruce Reflected in the Crystal Ball

Snowy Spruce at curve in lane reflected in crystal globe in my hand.JPG

Closer View of the Sun Kissed Spruce Reflected in the Crystal Ball

Snowy Spruce at curve in lane by garage reflected in crystal globe in my hand.JPG

Needless to say, as much as I was memorized by the magical scenes before my eyes and captured in the crystal ball, I was getting pretty cold (you may have noticed I had bare hands holding the crystal globe in some shots plus I was kneeling in the snow to capture some of the pictures!) Time to head in and warm up by the wood heater with a nice hot chocolate!

As we arrived home we spotted the grey jay at the feeder. I always keep the feeder well stocked with this cold weather.

Grey Jay at Bird Feeder

grey jay at bird feeder.JPG

One more view of the handsome grey jay...

Front view of Grey Jay at Bird Feeder

grey jay at bird feeder front view.JPG

Another bird we saw at the feeder was the magpie which I have never seen at the feeder before. He must have been hungry to be coming to the feeder. The - 30 Celsius weather really takes a toll on the birds, that and the fact that there was fresh snow covering everything too! I didn't get a very good shot of him for once he noticed us he took off.

Magpie at the Bird Feeder

view through window of magpie at bird feeder.JPG

Bruno doesn't seem to care about the cold, he is always raring to go but as it was getting evening I think he was ready to come in. What do you think?

Bruno All Frosted Looking to Come Inside

Bruno frosty nose at dusk outside on deck.JPG

That's it for my magical mystery tour with crystal balls and white winter wonderlands - my entry for this week in the #Photo52 Challenge and my #Wednesdaywalk which is an initiative by @tattoodjay go check out his latest post here. He collaborates with @elizacheng and her #MakeMeSmile initiative, go see her latest post here.
Why not join in and give us a smile, show your part of the world plus share your shots in the #Photo52 challenge!

Also our winterwonderland with the snow draped evergreens is for my @treetuesday which is inspired by @old-guy-photos.

All images were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX 60 HS

Thanks for stopping by!

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Great post 🙂

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What fun photos! I can feel how cold your fingers must have been, though. Thanks for giving your birds an easy meal. It is hard for them when it is so cold. And thanks for using the #featheredfriends tag. Bruno looks like he is loving all the snow! !Tip

I always feel for the birds when we have extreme cold weather and make sure their feeder is always full.
We finally had a break in the cold and have milder weather closer to the freezing mark.
What a difference it makes in the activities of the birds. Love to hear them flitting about with their cheerful calls!
Thank-you for the tip!

We are in the middle of a snowstorm, but it is supposed to be followed by milder temperatures, too. That will make everyone happier. Me and the birds, too!

 last year 

I absolutely love those! And the dog, too! I might need to get one for myself. A photo ball that, is. I already have a dog. :)

There's a lot of pictures! Which one would you like to enter in the contest?


Can I only choose one?
I'm torn between this one:

This one:

Probably the second one has more white in it, so if I can only choose one I will choose that.

These are stunning! My favorite was the well house followed closely by birdfeeder/hoophouse. What a really cool thing to use for photos!

Looks so cold, so this may come across as a pun those shots with the globe are seriously cool, I love them all

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk

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Wow! That crystal ball certainly works the magic in ideal conditions my friend!
Good luck with the entry!

they are so beautiful dear, @porters

Thanks for sharing with us :)

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Beautiful!!! Beautiful white! Love your crystal ball!

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 last year 

If only you could capture that crystal ball and send it over with snow flakes falling, nice cold weather cools me a little just seeing your exceptional photography.

Bruno definitely is not ready to go in he really enjoys the snow, maybe a rabbit is hiding around the next corner for some fun.

Have a wonderful new week.


Sorry! You will have to settle for a balloon filled with water and frozen in your freezer for the cooling crystal globe!
It amazes me that no matter how cold it is Bruno is always ready to go outside - he does love it!

 last year 

Will hold your photography in my memory bank, no space in a fridge for anything during the hot months.

Bruno has a lovely thick coat, thermal insulation, most probably enjoys rolling in the snow as well.

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