Dear Justin Sun – My open letter to you!

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This is a "call to action" post

Have you ever attended a live sports event at a stadium? There is something very unique about an experience like that – and it is all in the energy which is universally driven and shared among the individuals gathered there - The Mexican wave, the cheerleaders, the passionate chants that push the players to go that extra mile… it is a one of a kind experience! The same can be said for many live musical concerts. There is a POWER in those spaces that is absolutely undeniable. It fills every facet of your being! – You revel in it from one second to the next and the adrenalin pumps wildly through your veins as you get completely consumed in the present moment of sheer excitement, elation and passion which often lingers for days after... There is nothing else like it!!!

I have always been a huge advocate for the power behind this kind of collective energy and anyone around here who knows me well enough, will testify to this. I may not know the technical intricacies of our blockchain to the degree that plenty others do (and many pretend to), but what I do know is that I come to this space and table with my own unique skill set and tool belt which is equally important – just as everyone else’s individual contributions are… the genuine one’s specifically.

… That is what I would like to address in this post, and is also the reason behind the above “analogy” given.

When our Steem blockchain was lassoed and choked by Justin Sun – the passionate voices of Steem put their loud speakers on very quickly – myself included. We all gathered the troops and our army was nothing short of incredible! The dedication, love, passion and enthusiasm literally came from every possible angle! The players played, the cheerleaders cheered, the community discussed, debated and applauded the determined action and despite the circumstance, the sheer collective ENERGY was inconceivable! In many respects, I think everyone was quite blown away by the double edged sword that simultaneously re-ignited a once very tightly unified community, affording all of us some much needed perspective.

However, what we anticipated would be a battle – appears to have turned into a war. One which has gone on for a lot longer than most of us thought it would - and what is concerning about this is the fact that the genuine cheerleaders for this space seem to have gone very quiet. I too, took a little reprieve from the situation, because when you are THAT passionate about something, but limited in what you can actually do to change the circumstance… it can really take it’s toll on you emotionally. I pretty much took a week “off” and opted for silent observation instead… allowing time for a little reflection and recharge – because that too is important. Having taken some time today, I very quickly discovered that Steem is pretty quiet about it all... twitter is pretty quiet about it all... it is ALL VERY QUIET!!!! and that is NOT good!!!!

It was the post I published last night and the comments received on it that actually prompted the decision to put my fncking “hula” skirt back on, pick up the damn pom poms and do what I can to try and break the silence that has now become louder than our initial Steem storm.

Ripples can turn into waves VERY quickly with enough momentum – so, with the same spirit in mind that myself and my Power House Creatives Community held when we launched the My Steem Story initiative – I am going to attempt to create some positive Steem waves again so we can kick this stale mate out the FNCKING DOOR and take back what is rightfully ours.

The future of Steem lies in OUR hands – let’s hold on to it VERY tightly, ignite that mother bear instinct and once again show what we are made of! There is no time for “tired” in situations like this… but that is precisely what Justin thinks we are right now…"TIRED!" - in words read a little earlier today on discord – “he is beginning to wear us down”… let’s prove him wrong and rise from the dust!

Without any more waffle from me… let me kick this shit off the ground!

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As the one kicking this initiative off - I have omitted the "justin tags" from my title... because I don't exactly want to invite him into our strategic space... but PLEASE can everyone else go about it as per the instruction below.

Ok, here goes! - My letter

(you can find instruction for creating yours down below)

Power House Creatives Logos FINAL.png

Dear Justin Sun

You are a business man – we get it! I said from the start that you would look at this from a black and white investment perspective – and you have, but you have also taken it a “few” steps further Justin, and it is those steps that I simply cannot respect!

We may have plenty of internal politics here on our blockchain, but I think we have made it acutely clear to you now – that those details aside, we stand united as a community and we ALL want what is best for Steem.

Surely, you have already come to the realisation that this entire thing has gone too far and even if you suddenly changed your tune – you now stand in a space that is completely occupied by people that will NEVER trust or accept you! YOU CHOSE to burn that bridge. Perhaps we were a little more than you bargained for…haha… oh, who am I kidding… we have ROCKED YOUR FNCKING WORLD Justin!

When this whole thing started you had an opportunity to “make good” with the STORM that is the Steem community… but alas, you chose place deaf ears on the voices that count! That little portal, the gateway of acceptance is now shut and iron cladded! You may have money and influence buddy – “Linda linda”, but we have numbers!! - which embody not only money and influence – but an endless supply of passion too…!!!! We are like Jack Russell Terriers – you can throw us against a wall repeatedly, but we will bounce back EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!!! – because we have the one thing that you LACK! – A LOVE for this space that goes BEYOND the fncking WALLET! Let me afford you a little lesson in life right here…. No matter WHAT outcome this issue has…. You have ALREADY LOST! Your reputation will FOREVER be a piece of BURNT TOAST and you will carry that with you wherever you may roam!

If you knew absolutely ANYTHING about the people of this amazing space, (which you don't) you would know that I am an AVID music lover…. There is a song my mother used to play on her LP’s…. take a listen Justin…

and mark my words - justice THIS STRONG will prevail! Our webs are woven more intricately than the finest of wallets your pocket will EVER hold!

...sincerely, @jaynie.



  1. Create a post titled: Dear Justin Sun – (@justinsuntron / @justinsunsteemit) - My (@YOUR.USER.NAME.HERE) open letter to you!
  1. Publish your post to the Power House Creatives Community WHETHER YOU ARE A MEMBER OF OUR COMMUNITY OR NOT - so we can EASILY support it!

  2. Use the tags: SteemHostileTakeover, DearJustinSun, Steemimpact - and then whichever additional ones you want.

  3. ONLY make use of the cover image provided in this post.

  4. Please copy and paste these "GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS" into your post.

  5. Tag 5 people to join in on the initiative.

  6. Share your post to twitter (if you are on twitter)

  7. Share your twitter link and Steem post link in the comments of @jaynie’s “Dear Justin Sun” post.


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Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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@jaynie I have tried so very hard throughout this debacle to remain impartial, and it has been truly very difficult because every side has a legitimate argument and view. Because of that I have avoided the biggest debates on the whole situation, but here I think you truly speak for "the community" and it is a voice that needs to be heard and and respected. Because Steem is not a single voice, or even a few - it is a collective of us all - and that is a power that no one person can control.

I would feel more comfortable with encouraging our witnesses to find common ground with Sun then build on that. Up until now these negotiation have been shamefully childish.
Its time we had a top twenty line up that makes decisions that increase our user base (better for everyone) rather than voting for their own enrichment.

After two weeks of Sun going back on every thing he's ever said to the steem community? You've got to be kidding. Justin Sun is completely untrustworthy, and has demonstrated that trying to compromise with him means you will give everything up, or just spin your wheels. I think it's time for a split from the bastard.

I see it very differently. After listening to and reading our responses ,I feel let down by the actions of our witnesses.

Of course you do...

The one that I do not feel let us down is yabapmatt.
The rest behaved like a bunch of school boys on a rugby trip

It shouldn't matter how "untrustworthy" any account holder is deemed.

The rules should never be changed with the express purpose of targeting any specific account(s).

With this precedent, should we start freezing the accounts of "abusive" "spammers" like those with negative rep and marked with 3+ blacklists? Why not? Haven't they also been branded as "untrustworthy"?

Let me clear up my position on using the word "untrustworthy" by considering the context in which I used it.

Concerning steem account holders, the only account that I've said is untrustworthy, is Justin Sun's. Why do I say he's untrustworthy? It's because I've heard him talk like he wants to do this and that, he claims to not want to control governance over the blockchain and he wants to increase steem value.

Then, soon after he says such things, he goes right back on the attack. Now he's trying to destroy the Dapps, removing delegations from the developers so he can continue to battle us.

You need to understand that I and MOST steemians now want nothing to do with Mr. Sun. He can now bathe in his stupidity for failing to exercise the most basic principles of honesty and forthrightness, rather than childish attacks. We now have a path that doesn't include him or TRON.

All I can tell you is that if you think Justin is such a great person, you can certainly move to his TRON community and shitcoin, if you aren't already there, which I suspect you are since a small number of TRONians are like the only people saying positive things about Justin at this point in this situation.

He blew it.

The rules should never be changed with the express purpose of targeting any specific account(s).

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Attempting to dodge the question of PRINCIPLES by feebly rushing-to-disqualify my sincere questions, clumsily painting me as "a friend of thine enemy" is nothing but a naked ad hominem attack.

The rules should never be changed with the express purpose of targeting any specific account(s).

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Do you stand by your PRINCIPLES or do you just change the rules because someone made contradictory statements?

With this precedent, should we start freezing the accounts of "abusive" "spammers" like those with negative rep and marked with 3+ blacklists? Why not? Haven't they also been branded as "untrustworthy"?

Isn't it "the community's" responsibility to FREEZE all accounts of "evil" and or "undesirable" and or "untrustworthy" individuals?

Isn't it "the community's" responsibility to FREEZE all accounts of people who insist on COHERENT PRINCIPLES (because only an evil person would insist on such a thing)?

I'm going to explain this once more and that's all.

In my post, the title of which is "Dear Justin Sun - My Open Letter To You," it is obvious that I was writing about Justin Sun. The title clearly makes him the target of the post, since it is a letter addressed to him.

As one of my criticisms of Mr. Sun, I expressed my opinion that Mr. Sun is untrustworthy.

You have lazer-focused on that and are trying to make it into something other than me simply expressing my opinion that Justin Sun is untrustworthy.

To ME he is untrustworthy, or do you purport to instruct ME on what I should and should not think, believe and/or say?

I don't go for censorship.

Yes, spammers are untrustworthy, and their mindset reminds me very much of what I perceive Mr. Sun's mindset to be. You see, that's MY prerogative. No one tells me what I can say and what I can't, or at the least, they won't be listened to.

If you started an "open-letter to scammers" posting drive, and asked people to write a post as part of your effort to stop scammers, it's very likely I would participate along with other Steemians, so stop trying to shame me by implying I don't always do the right thing. I AM a trustworthy person, as anyone who knows me personally would confirm to you.

As far as a fair community is concerned, in a fair community, the majority rules. The majority of Steemians, In My Opinion, feel the same as I do - Justin Sun is untrustworthy, scammers are untrustworthy and I have no idea what the hell you're talking about with the coherent principles; sarcasm, I guess?

Justin Sun came in as an outsider, immediately pissed everyone in the community off, and now he's in a bind with his purchase. If he was an honest person, I would have been in his corner from the start and would still be be in his corner now. He isn't so I'm NOT.

You seem overtly motivated to equate a logical statement, that Justin Sun is untrustworthy, and project that he is a poor victim of the mean Steemians. Yeah, mean Steemians who have had their fill of his lying and deceit. Justin Sun fucked this up, and he has ONLY himself to blame. I'll never be part of his empire. I'm going HIVE and HIVE only.

To ME he is untrustworthy, or do you purport to instruct ME on what I should and should not think, believe and/or say?

Are you kidding me? I NEVER suggested The Sun was anything but "untrustworthy". We agree on this.

I AM a trustworthy person,

I'm sure that's true. a fair community, the majority rules.

I'd say, in a fair community, the rights of every individual are protected.

In a MOB, the majority rules.

Majority rule is never fair, it's simply NATURAL LAW.

...scammers are untrustworthy and I have no idea what the hell you're talking about with the coherent principles...


No, they shouldn't.

Here's why: Untrustworthy people run the gamut of bad behaviors.

A traitor is untrustworthy; (is also perhaps the MOST untrustworthy, and intends harm.)

A person who tells those little white lies is untrustworthy; (but while technically a liar, intends no harm.)

A traitor should hang for the crime of treason.
With your logic, so should the little white liar.

 4 years ago 

We can change all of that after this debacle is over. For now, that "top 20" is all we have really....

I feel a possible opportunity. The old guard only want to go back to what we had, making the rules they have been told will keep them in their position.

There are still accounts that do not vote for many home grown witnesses and for good reason. Their concerns of the return of past abuse needs to be addressed. The witnesses need to address the preexisting problem of centralization. If they do that they will have the support of the rest

Lol you are so lost and confused but thats fine, it's not my problem that you think the community top witnesses are "centralized" and not home grown, organic, community support.

Hey I have not seen you around for a little while. Have you been on a break

I don't make acquaintance of douchebags on alt accounts, in case you were confused I responded to your asinine idiocy not to extend any kind of gesture of hello or acknowledgement but to express my disdain for you as a person.

You are confusing me with someone else.

And yea we have spoken once before, i was the guy who asked you the question about julian assange and you surprised me mildly with your reply.

Yes! I want to see commitments to not support freezing user funds which caused all of this. So Justin was wanting to make a Steem coin on Tron blockchain. Nobody had to swap if they didn't want to! But now everyone loses.

I'd say anyone, who after two weeks of Justin Sun, STILL wants to listen to more of Justin Sun's bullshit, must be a Justin Sun steemit adherent, and not a steemian.

 4 years ago 

you appear to have a very one dimensional view on all of this.

I hear you talking about "coins" all the time... are you in any form thinking about the "coummunity" stuf? ... ummm I guess not at all.

I’m with you @jaynie we should not allow this nerd sitting comfortably on his shit...
ASAP I’m doing mines.

 4 years ago 

Damn straight lol!

Oh man! I spent all that time writing a post (following the instructions given) and even had to learn HOW to post to a community just to discover that I can't post it to the community because I don't belong to the discord channel! WHY is it so important to join discord? I hate having to move off THIS platform. I'm really choked right now. I don't wish to be muted, so I guess I don't post my letter to Justin Sun until your own rules change. Seriously... you should have mentioned the stipulation as part of the posted rules so people like me don't waste their time.

 4 years ago 

Hi @happyme,

Please go ahead and publish your post to the PHC community (if you still wish to). This is a community initiative (same as the "My Steem Story" one) and in such cases everyone is free to post to the community feed.

... I will amend that in my instruction too.

Apologies for the confusion.

Thank-you. However, I still don't understand why it is so important to belong to discord. Shouldn't we be attempting to get more conversations going right here on Steem?

 4 years ago 

This is not the case with all communities... just ours, as we are technically a "closed" community. Applicants are assessed before being allowed in. The reason for this is that we pride ourselves on quality content and true Steem dedication. We are a very proactive community and those that do join us on discord, make a commitment to get stuck in... so whilst we "gather" there - ALL the action does in fact take place here... much like this initiative and many others that we have been behind.

Discord is simply a space which allows us to convene in a "live" manner, as there is nothing like that here.

Hope that clears it up a little.

Thanks for the explanation.

I can understand having a "closed" community of dedicated people, however, since I'm not completely familiar with Discord, I'm not able to comprehend the difference between chatting here or on Discord. In both cases, whatever is typed is instantly transmitted for the others to read and respond. Does Discord have voice chat? I'm confused about what "live" means. The few times I have used Discord, I found no difference between chatting here or there. We still have our various time differences and often must wait for the other person to get back on-line to respond.

I didn't download Discord and have been using the links provided by others to access and engage through the Discord service. Perhaps by not downloading software and simply using the on-line version, I'm restricted in what I can do?

Sometimes I wonder if it's Justin that's wearing us down... :0D

 4 years ago (edited)

I hear you! and there are hopefully MANY lessons we will ALL take away from this, but for now -in my opinion... let's at least attempt to rally the last round.... we got this far....

I probably wouldn't have stayed on Steem if it wasn't for you @jaynie.
Thank you, you are wonderful!

 4 years ago 

Well, firstly WOW! and secondly.... I am ever glad you did! x

 4 years ago 

Awesome initiative!

 4 years ago 

xxx thank you!

up voted and re steemed great post

 4 years ago 

Appreciate the suppoert, thank you!

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