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Hahaha! Ohhhhhh! You have a birthday coming up!!

Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do? I hope you call in hookey and have a great day! Oh, thank you! I love my sparklies! They are so much fun to put up and admire, all season long. I don't blame you withthe whim-ming. I want to leave the tree up sometimes just for a little longer, but, the two of them are real and the one is artificial, so they do have an expiration date. That and the city picks up the trees until a certain date.

No, I am not taking it to the landfill. Ugh. I do enough of that on the Shore. LOL

I have several of those lampshades with the beaded dangles. I fell in love with them and bought a matching set. But, then I put one on the lower level and the other on the main level... so much for matching. Pfft. I like eclectic anyway. :)

You can send that to me now for my birthday.

How do you know I didn't? :P LOL

Have a great night!



I always take my birthday off. It is an official holiday at my house. This year, since it falls on Thursday, I took Friday off too ! I mean, who wants to take Thursday off and then go back to work Friday?? oh NO !

It will be my last vacation hooray for a while though. I have not worked a 5 day week since last August ! That's right, but after this last long weekend, it will be back to the 5 day a week grind (booo hooo hooooooo) while I save up my time to do it all again next fall. :)

I will sleep a little longer than my work days, get up, make coffee and probably while away the morning. Then around noon I will go to my Mom's and spend the afternoon with her and my sisters. Close to 5, I will leave and come back into town where my younger brother is taking me out for birthday supper ! It's all planned. It's going to be fun.

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