"SEC S15W1:5 stars, 5 steem and one Original dish."

Hi Guys!

Greetings to all, hope you all are well and enjoying a happy life. I am also good Alhamdulillah.

I am grateful to the community Colombia-Original and @colombiaoriginal for organizing such a great contest through which we can know how and what dish we can prepare cheaply. If the cast is not too high, this work will be done in five steem. So many people will come up with recipes here that will cost less than five steem. So in the same way we all will learn some nedishessh together, so in the same, way I am also bringing a dish up in front of namedname Fritters (Pakoras), I hope people will like it.

Made in Canva

So Let's Start

First of all, we see the ingrediants theirhpricesricpkn pkr and in steem. Here in t,otal you can see I make this dish in under 5 steem. So let's see.

IngrediantsWeightPrice (PKR)Price (Steem)Image
Gram Floour250 gm40 pkr0.55 steem
Potato250 gm20 pkr0.27 steem
Spinach250 gm20 pkr0.27 steem
Oil250 gm125 pkr1.71 steem
Onion1 count20 pkr0.27 steem
Green Chili5 count10 pkr0.14 steem
Coriander5 count10 pkr0.14 steem
Dry Fenugreel1 tablespoon10 pkr0.14 steem
Red Chili2 tablespoon15 pkr0.21 steem
Turmeric1 tablespoon10 pkr0.14 steem
Dry Coriander1 tablespoon10 pkr0.14 steem
Cumin1 tablespoon10 pkr0.14 steem
Spices1 tablespoon10 pkr0.14 steem
SaltAs your taste2 pkr0.027 steem
Mineral Water1/2 cupAvailablefree
Totalweight312 pkr4..287 steem


First of all you have to cut all the things into small pieces including potato, chili, coriander, and spinach. Mix all the items in one bowl to proceed. Like in shown below:

Add spices, red chili, turmeric, dry fenugreel, coriander. And mix it all.

Now add gram flour and also add water to make it thick like a paste.

The paste is ready to cook.

First light the stove and after that add oil in a pan and keep it hot.

Add paste with the help of tablespoon. You can add in any shape you want. I use the tablespoot to add in hot oil.

Cook it well when the color of paste is changed and the cook it well then take it out in any plate. So here is fritters (pakoras) reay to serve.

Do you think you can prepare delicious food on a low budget?

Yes of course we can prepare very delicious food in a low budget that everyone will love. I made this dish hope you guys will like dish. This dish is made in 5 steem.

In Pakistan, it is eaten especially when the weather is very mild and beautiful like the rainy season and it is raining with pakoras. So, in the rainy season, pakoras are eaten very fondly in Pakistan. Apart from this, it is also very popular in winter.

Thank you so much guys for visiting and staying here on my post. I invite my friends to join this challenge.


Regards: ahsansharif
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Terima kasih atas undangannya, pakoras yang sangat nikmat ketika di makan dengan cuaca yang hujan akan menambah kenikmatan 🙏

Thank you so much for your respone. Yes in rainy weather we enjoy a lot with it. Best of luck. Stay blessed

 5 months ago 

Hello hello dear friend, thank you very much for participating in our challenge, wow, this dish is very good, I congratulate you, I think you did quite a lot with little budget, plus the post was very well laid out and the pictures look great. I congratulate you for showing us the step by step and making us see that you can eat on a budget!

I hope you have good luck in the contest, the food looks very tasty, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a nice day, take care of yourself!😁🙏

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Greeting friend
Thank you so much for your valuable feedback on my post. It's very difficult to manage under 5 steem recipes but I try my best to present it. Bundle of thanks for reviewing my post. Stay blessed. Hope you also verify me in this community after seeing my achievement tasks. Thanks

Aún con un bajo presupuesto se puede preparar buenas comidas solo hay que tener un poco de meditación y creatividad en la cocina y combinarlo poco ingrediente qué puedo usar

Thanks a lot for staying here on my post. I use much ingredients to make fritters but some recipes we make with few ingredients like sweet noodles 🍜

I loved the dish you prepared here in Venezuela in our cuisine we also have buñuelos but they are sweet

I was very interested in reading your publication because it allowed me to see the culinary art of other countries.

Excellent publication, you made a great dish

Thank you so much for staying here on my post. I'm glad to see you like the most

Every country people's have their own dishes I make this easier. Hope Everyone like it too.

Best of for this great challenge friend.

Hello @ahsansharif ,Yes, you are right that when it is raining or cold weather, pakoras are used a lot and people eat it very fondly.They are also easy to make and do not take much time to make and this dish is not that expensive either.,thanks for sharing this recipe.

Yes absolutely 💯 in cold weather the Pakistani people's like the pakoras most. Its easy to cook and we don't need much money for this. Thanks a lot for your valuable response. I wish you a food luck.

Hola amigo
se ve muy rico platillo y muy barato sin duda nos has demostrado que no se necesita tener un gran presupuesto para lograr comer bien.
suerte en el concurso.

Thanks a lot dear for your valuable response on my post. I'm glad to see you like the most. Best of luck too dear for this challenge.

Hola Ahsan!
Quería felicitarte por el plato que nos mostraste, porque no solo cumpliste con lo solicitado por el concurso, sino que nos compartiste un poco de tus tradiciones ¡me encantó leerlo!

Un plato que luce delicioso, a bajo presupuesto y con ingredientes que te permiten combinar vegetales con carbohidratos👏🏻 y como me gusta probar cosas nuevas, seguro lo estaré intentando 😉

Que estés muy bien.

Thank you dear
I'm glad to see you like the most traditional dish. Surely must try this at home its so delicious. When you eat in winter and rainy season then its also too much yummy. Thanks for staying here. Stay blessed

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