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I keep sharing my series of tips from great steemians I used to know like @tanbay.

The guy helped me a lot when I joined @dtube and his tips helped me in @threespeak as well and I think will help anyone not only in steem, but generaly in the web to create better content.

When someone help me to achieve something, I never forget about that. Such people stay for ever in my memories and I may create content about them sometimes. Those are people who are successful and like to see others successful. Those are the best people I even knew.

That may teach some people to never forget someone who helped them. And to not be greedy to help others.

Please follow @tanbay and enjoy his content.

Enjoy watching !

Of course I'm thankful to steem that made me meet so many good people here !


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Thanks for doing the video with him, the basics are always good to re state. I really am happy that you bring many different members of the community in your videos. Aloha from Hawaii

You're welcome. I always like to mention those who are valuable to the community. Thanks for your comments. Commenting is also valuable.

Thanks for including me and sharing my tips! Happy new year to you and your family! (:

You're very welcome. I wish you a great year as well. ☺

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Thanks a lot.

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