Local News - 5 Storey Building Collapse, 4 dead In Uyo - Nigeria [18th September, 2022]

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After 5 hours of the rescue operation, 4 people were found dead, the government agency and the neighbors around are still trying to rescue more souls that have been trapped under the rubbles of a Four-story building….

It has become a fearful night or what others call a black night to the occupant of Imam street, Off Akai Road, Uyo-Nigeria....

Excavator searching for dead bodies...

Unfortunately, most of the dead victims were working in the uncompleted building before it collapsed. They were also living there because they were strangers who came from another state to work here in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

Most victims that were just injured have been rushed to the hospital for life rescue. And presently the Government Emergency Rescue officials are still working to remove more trapped souls as the number tends to be much.

Sad Inccident...

The sad incident happened at about 6:30 pm on Saturday 17th September 2022.
Today the 18th of September, the rescue mission is still on as the whole environment is experiencing sadness.

Many onlookers have started blaming the engineer who was taking care of the story building construction.

Speaking to Mr. Mmeyene Ukoh who was present 5 minutes after the incident struck, he confirm it to be the worse tragedy of the month.

” This is a situation I can’t really explain, all I can say is that my soul has been frightened. Watching how my fellow human being is trapped inside a falling building is terrible and a very sad situation for me to see right now, this is the worse tragedy of this month and really wish I didn’t witness this happening”.- Mmeyene Ukoh.

Neighbhours Coming out to rescue helpless Victims

A lady who identified herself as Eka Nse is also living in the neighborhood and she witness the incident.

”I really blame the engineer that was handling this contract, he went for cheap materials, but now, so many souls have been lost and we don’t still know how many are still inside the collapsed building. This is inhumanity to another human. I urge people to be very careful when giving a building contract to some of the so-called Engineers. This particular engineer used low-standard materials to construct this building. I think he needs to be arrested wherever he is hiding, this is wickedness, this is so unprofessional and nothing will bring back these lost lives”.- Eka Nse.

Searching For trapped Workers...

From a new source, it has been confirmed that the number of people inside the building could be up to 20 people, however, at the time of writing this report only four dead bodies were discovered. And the Emergency Rescue Officers are still working right to remove some trapped people inside the collapsed building either dead or alive.

The fire service officers arrived after some hours to assist other agencies in the rescue mission.

Unfortunately, Incidents like this have had their history in Nigeria due to poor Contractors who are only interested in charging high for their services but buying poor materials for construction.

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Very good report of a very tragic incident.

Our thoughts go to the families of the dead and injured.

 6 months ago 

Yea sir,
May God console them, Its really a sad experience.

I had lost a relative recently in another collapsed company building early this year, in the city of Lagos Nigeria. I must tell you, it was a sad incident.

 6 months ago (edited)

It's such a sad situation..., a disturbing one for that...,it will leave that black memory in folks heart.

Thanks very much for your concerned..., it's highly appreciated.

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Hola amigo @ubongudofot que lamentable noticia la que nos presentas, cuantas cosas malas tenemos que ver cada día en este sistema de cosas, solo puedo pensar en esas personas y no dejo de inquietarme por sus familiares que han perdido a sus seres querido en este trágico accidente.

Espero que con la ayuda de jehova puedan encontrar un consuelo para su dolor y de tu parte puedas aliviar su nostalgia con el buen mensaje proveniente de la biblia el cual puede brindar consuelo a todos en momentos tan difíciles .

 6 months ago 

Exactly, it is such a sad one. And sure..they will get to hear that message of hope.., thank you very much.

Oh! That's tragic. My sympathy goes out to the victims, their relatives, witnesses and helpers, and also to those responsible. It is terrible when something like this happens... How are things regulated in Nigeria: are there certainly building regulations and safety regulations? Is compliance with them monitored?

 6 months ago (edited)

It is actually a sad situation..., sad to witness ...., believe me when i say it's sad...imagine trying to save life that is helpless under a fallen building.

Yeah,there are regulations.., unfortunately, monitoring is highly compromised and as such gave way to bad work by the Engineers....

Hopefully, the law will act now..

Please - tell us about consequences of this accident if you hear something. It's important to know how your administration will handle this...

 6 months ago 

Definitely.., i'll come up with the update of that.

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 6 months ago 

Thank you very much Bro @irawandedy.

 6 months ago 

May the souls lost rest in peace 🕊️ Amen.

No doubt it was a terrifying sight but we cannot stop that which is written in destiny .
Thank you for updating us about the scary scene

 6 months ago 

This is really sad news. 💔
For real, the engineers in charge of the building materials are to be blamed!
Seeing a new building collapse always pissed me off because it's obvious that cheap materials were being used for the project.

May the departed souls rest in peace and may God comfort their families 😢💔🙏
Thank you for the information!

@ubongudofot SPAM, PHISHING, LIAR. Does not do research except on those he wants to victimize

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