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Good day Steemians, I'm so delighted to be here to participate in Season 3 of Steemit Engagement Challenge, as it is another time of learning from and engaging with one another. Today I will write my third post for the week here in this community with the topic: "All about my Job". Go with me as I explain what I do at work and the obstacle I faced while doing my job.

As most of you here know that I am a Medical Laboratory Technician by occupation, my job has to do with performing laboratory investigations on samples such as urine, blood, sputum, feces, semen, and many others. It is done to obtain the patient's state of health and diagnosis of the result so that doctors can know the right treatment to prescribe or recommend for such disease.

Also, laboratory investigation is done to know the compatibility of the couple, parental paternity, and blood donor compatibility between the donor and the recipient. Now I will be explaining my job based on the highlights given:

The location of my picture at work

My daily task at my place of work

Every day at work seems to be the same but the job done on a day can be more hectic than the previous day depending on the number of clients that patronized us in a day. My daily task goes thus:

Cleaning and Disinfecting laboratory benches: This is almost the first thing I do whenever I get to work in the morning, laboratory benches are where laboratory work is being done and it is important to clean and disinfect it from time to time to avoid the growth of unwanted micro-organisms or pathogens that can cause harm to my life and also the environment.

Every morning, when I enter the laboratory the first thing I do is to arrange all the used samples and other laboratory apparatus in their various place, after that, I clean the benches and disinfect them with bleach.

The location of the picture of our hematology analyzer

Switching on the Laboratory machine and Checking of Reagents: After cleaning the laboratory, I go straight to our hematology analyzer and switch it on, some of the machines can be switched on when there is need for them but hematology analyzer is a machine used to analyze the complete blood count of a patient and sometimes doctors do need the result urgently.

It takes up to 10 minutes for the machine to boot when it is switched on, and since the machine has UPS we normally switch it on in the morning to avoid delaying work and results. After that, I take stock of the reagent starting from the analyzer diluent and lyser to the other reagents to know the one that is about to finish or expired.

The location of our diluent and lyser

Collection and Proper labeling of Sample: This stage is very important and one has to be very careful when dealing with samples, either the one collected by oneself and samples collected by the doctors because a sample represent someone's life and any mistake might be costly. I would be listing the fact to check during sample collection below.

  • Using of adequate sample bottle: The samples can be blood, urine, faeces and so on, it is essential to use a proper bottle depending on the investigation on the request form. For blood samples alone, there are up to 5 bottles with each bottles containing anticoagulant and test to be carried out with it. Using of wrong anticoagulant bottle might lead to false positive or false negative results.

  • Proper labeling of Samples: This also is very important to avoid giving Mr X sample for Mr Y. There should not be rush or hurry while handling samples, I have seen cases whereby sample will be brought to our lab and the bottle is not labelled or the label does not match with the request form, in that case the solution is to reject such sample.

  • Collection of the right amount of sample: Each bottle contains anticoagulant and the expected blood to be withdraw into the bottle, so it is important to withdraw the right amount of blood into the bottle so as to get accurate result.

  • Performing Laboratory Investigation on Patients' Samples: After collecting and proper labeling of Samples, what next is investigating of the samples collected, there are some tests that the whole blood collected is to be used while with some we have to centrifuge the sample and get plasma/serum to be used for the investigation. After running the test comes recording of the result into our record book and patients' request form too before dispatching the result. There is no exact number of samples I collect and work on each day, I work base on the number of clients or samples that comes for investigation.

    The biggest Obstacle I have experienced at work

    There is no job without obstacles, I have faced some obstacles while doing my job, and the most common challenge I do face is with Genotype result, some had done it before but while doing it at my place of work they got different result or a result that does not please them or their relationship and felt the result was not right.

    An example is a pregnant lady that was asked to do some tests during ante-natal but the genotype result came out that she was Genotype AS, she got furious claiming she was AA, and that was the result she got during a test for her university admission.

    This is one of my early days in the profession, even though I was sure of the result I still had some fear. When the scientist heard about the incident, the test was repeated and he got the same result, yet the lady refused to accept the result and threatened to sue our organization, after much deliberation, the solution is that she will repeat the result at two reputable laboratories, and the result was to be presented the following day.

    It was only after she got the same result the following day that she accepted, she apologized and I can understand her fear, she got pregnant with an AS man thinking she was AA not knowing both her and her man have the same genotype.

    My greatest hope in the future about my job

    I have great hope for myself in my job in the future and I would make sure I achieve all that I hope for, I hope to see myself in the research field and this can only be obtained by furthering my education to some certain level and major on research. This has been my dream for some time and I promised myself that I would work so hard till my dream is achieved. I want to be able to do some research, know more about the cause of some illnesses and provide a lasting solution to them. This is what I hope for in the future about my job and I will do my best to achieve it. So Help me God.


    This article have been used to talk about what my job entails, my daily task in my place of work, the biggest obstacles I faced, and my hope for the future in my job. My job is a very wonderful one and a service to humanity, it is a job I love doing and have a great plan for it in the future. Thanks to for this brilliant topic and this is where I will be stopping, thanks to everyone for reading.

    I invite @ebunoluwani, @yakspeace, and @msquaretwin to join this contest and 25% Beneficiary Set to @null.
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     2 months ago 

    Thank you so much for verifying my post, I will keep engaging by voting and commenting on other people's post.

    You have explained and show in details what your job is all about, well done.

    I hope you achieve all you hoped for.

    Nice publication

     2 months ago 

    Amen, thank you for your kind wishes.

    You are welcome

     2 months ago 

    The work in the Laboratory is great and good luck :)

     2 months ago 

    Thank you

     2 months ago 

    Gosh I can just think how busy you must have been during Covid.
    My stepdaughter is studying medical science and although her aim is to switch to medical doctor she loves her study field and especially the lab work.
    I've recently read an article about mom's opening private labs at their homes so that they could be with their children. So yah, don't give up on the idea of furthering your studies.
    Good luck for the contest!

     2 months ago 

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement , I'm working towards furthering my studies and giving up is never an option.

    Thank you ma.

     2 months ago 

    This is great news! Good luck!

     2 months ago 

    I think you should encourage her very well, it demands a lot of concentration and dedication. She's gonna do well🤗

     2 months ago 

    My money is on her for doing it! (•ิ‿•ิ)

     2 months ago 

    Thank you momma.

     2 months ago 

    You are involved in a very good profession. Those involved in this profession actually do a lot for people. You are helping people in different ways, you are helping people to diagnose diseases by taking different tests to the doctor. It is a very good profession I would say. I really like your works, thank you.

     2 months ago 

    Your words about my profession make me feel happy, thank you for appreciating my profession and for taking likeness to my work. I'm grateful.

     2 months ago 

    My colleague of work! What an amazing job it is to be a laboratory technician 🤗. @Temittopef, your post is amazing and great! You chose the best profession in the world.

    That challenge you had with the pregnant lady is what we notice here in Africa. Infact the health center in which i am have similar cases. I remember a suspected case of erythroblastosis fetalis in the hospital where i did my internship in year 2. I was the one who made the blood group for both couples and the results was not good. The doctor had to come and conduct the test for himself to be sure😅 my heart was not in condition that day. But we bless God for growth.

    It is through these little challenges that we learn and grow in maturity. More grace in your place of work. You're doing a great job!
    Shalom ❤️

     2 months ago 

    Thank you for your kind wishes my colleague, it is impossible not to encounter all the challenges in our line of profession but once we are careful and give it the best. Nothing can shake us. I will you the best in life.

     2 months ago 

    Amen amen thank you so much

    Congratulations on being a winner in Week 1, Season 3 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge.

     2 months ago 

    Thank you very much for the support. I feel so grateful.

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