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Greetings Everyone!

I hope all of you are doing great. This is my very first post in this community. I have just recently came across this community and loved all the posts here and thought why not share my travel diary here. :') So I am based in Karachi, Pakistan. I will definitely write about my country and its culture as well in my next posts. But today I am gonna share about my journey to Lahore which is one of the beautiful cities of Pakistan.

So, basically I live in Karachi with my parents and siblings, but my grandparents live in Lahore which is at a distance of around 1200-1250 km from Karachi. It takes around 14-15 hours for us to reach their if we are travelling by road. and by plane it takes around 2 and a half hour but to be very honest I enjoy travelling either by train or by road, because I love to see different stations, their culture roads, roadside cafes, tea stops, people from different stations and what not so yeah! Sharing a picture which I took in between our journey at some station. I don't really remember the name of the station.

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-16 at 11.11.48 PM.jpeg

Lahore, is a mesmerizing city full of beautiful places and restaurants, cafes, beautiful culture, history and what not. Last time when I visited Lahore, I decided to visit the historical places. Since my grandparents live in Lahore . So, we often give it a visit in a year. But the last time was purely for the travel purpose we visited lost of places and enjoyed alot. We stayed there for around 2 weeks. Attaching some of the beautiful pictures of historical places that I visited.


Badshahi Mosque:

It is considered as one of the most beautiful and huge mosque in the world. You are not allowed to enter in this mosque with your shoes on. Millions of visitors from across the world come every years to visit this place. It's not a very clear picture but you can google it and check out more. :')

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-16 at 10.50.30 PM.jpeg


Minar e Pakistan :

The monument behind me is Minar e Pakistan. There is huge history behind this place and it is considered as a national symbol for Pakistan. It represents Pakistan.

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-16 at 10.49.57 PM.jpeg


Wagah Border Lahore:

It's a border between India and Pakistan. Every time I visit this place. I literally get chills and goosebumps out of all the roaring voices from the people. I feel like a proud Pakistani whenever I go there. It's a amazing place to visit if you are really into Pakistan's culture.

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-16 at 10.50.20 PM.jpeg


I hope you loved reading my travel diary. That's all rom today. I will be sharing a lot more. Also, I would love to interact with community members here. :')

Here's my achievement 1 post;
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A big thanks to people who are managing such an amazing community!


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It's very nice of you to write about your home town and where your from Karachi.
I too love the experience we can obtain on a journey.
I love seeing the country sides and experiencing different cultures.
They seem to be alot of wonderful places bit most especially I am fascinated by the architecture of the badashashi mosque

Yeah! The picture isn’t doing the justice with its beauty, but it really is mesmerising!

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I understand how you feel sometimes I take pictures of beautiful scenes and they don't just capture the whole essence of the eviron

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