Plenty defi on Tezos blockchian

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Hello ...friends
Today i will tell you about plenty token which is on Tezos blockchian .
On you can earn plenty token by providing liquidity or staking plenty .

ABOUT PLENTY : - Plenty is Defi use cases on Tezos towards a full scale decentralization financial ecosystem. Empowering traders, liquidity provider and developer to participate and earn .


First of all you have to connect Tezos wallet .
As of today $ 8,796,394 value lock in plent .
Current price of plenty is $0.200 , market cap 5,374,773


Trade and Earm main options .

Screenshot_20220116-145847_Samsung Internet.jpg

When we select Trade there is Swap and Tokens menu .

Screenshot_20220116-145917_Samsung Internet.jpg

Swap is used to swap any Tezos tokens and also to provide liquidity for Plenty/ anytoken farms .

Under TOKENS we can check daily price change of Tezos blockchian Tokens .

Screenshot_20220116-150022_Samsung Internet.jpg

EARN options have Farm pool and stake .

Here we can earn plenty by providing liquidity to farms .
Top 5 farms right now are -
Plenty/WRAP LP
Plenty/ wDAI Lp
Plenty / tzBTC LP

Screenshot_20220116-150118_Samsung Internet.jpg

Here we cane stake plenty for xplenty ,staking APR : 33%

So dont wait if you like this project invest and earn as the price of plenty is really low now .

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