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A Little bit About The Witness

Hi, I'm @visionaer3003 a responsible and sincere witness of Steemit. I started my journey here as a witness 11 months ago and at that time I'm not even in top100 rank but after my hard work and by the love and support of each voter who voted and supported me as a witness and now I'm on the rank 52. But I have a great aim to make something useful for the steem community and I'm already moved the first step towards it but for that I want to be in the top 20 witnesses which will help me a lot in the development of my projects and by this post I want to share some details about the projects I started and going to start in near future and also want everyone one's support and vote for the witness so, I can reach the top 20 witnesses list, achieve my target and complete the project as soon as possible for the betterment of all users in the steem community.

A Detailed Idea About My Project

Here I want to categories my projects into two categories one is about developing useful tools and d-apps and another is about the projects created to support steem coin.

Development of D-Apps And Tools

1) The first project I want to develop is a project with the name Steem Maxim, which will be very useful for everyone here and help you in saving your time and maximize your curation reward by doing better management of your upvote.


It will have some unique features like:-

  • Vote By Command - you can vote anyone by a certain percentage by giving a command in the article's comment - $rewarding 50%

  • Autovote onn Idle - you can use it to give autovote to an account and it will make sure to cast a vote when your VP reaches 100% and avoid your VP from staying on 100% only without being used.

  • Stack Votes - meaning you can set number of votes with a certain voting percentage Whenever it reaches the percentage one stacked vote will be casted.

  • Curation Trails - It is possible to create upvote and downvote trails in it with custom rules like upvoting and downvoting a post with a certain or avoiding upvoting and downvoting with a with a specific tag, specific word count and many more. Except this you can even set how many votes you want to give per day or in a week.

2) The Second project will be a d-app to access Steemit with unique, creative and useful features.

Project Created To Support Steem Coin

Well, recently my team launched the Project Vision with four initiatives to support steem coin, rewarding our voters and to do charitable things.


  • SPUD - A one day powerup event.

  • The Power League - A weekly power up event.

  • Steem Burn Week - A weekly event which will promote steem burn.

  • The Visionare Fund - A charitable funding account, which created to give daily basis rewards to the users who gave us their precious vote. And except this, we will create charitable event with it to provide humanitarian aid to people and animals in need.

Configuration of my witness server:-

We are running the witness node on a dedicated server with the following configuration.

CPU6 Cores
ROM2 ×2 TB
OSUbuntu 20.04

We will try upgrade our server configuration from time to time.

My witness Team
@visionaer3003Witness Head⬅️

Lastly, I want to say that we will be great full 🙏🏻 towards you if to give your precious vote to us as witness. Remember your vote is very precious use it rightfully.


Vote for @visionaer3003 as witness or set as proxy.




Ich drücke dir die Daumen für ganz viele weitere Stimmen. Meine hast du ja schon gaaanz lange 😜

Autovote on Idle

Dafür habe ich auch schon einen Bot am Start, allerdings aktuell nur für mich. Falls ich mal nicht zum Voten komme und die VP erreicht fast 100 Prozent, gibt's Votes für ausgewählte Community - Accounts. Allerdings nur auf deren Kommentare. So ist die VP nicht verloren und den Communities hilft es ein wenig.
Ich hatte auch schon überlegt, es für alle User anzubieten, allerdings sind dafür bekanntlich entsprechende Berechtigungen notwendig. Und damit müsste ich mich erstmal beschäftigen, um kein Sicherheitsrisiko einzugehen.

Bin jedenfalls auf eure Entwicklungen gespannt! 👍

 7 months ago 

Danke @moecki, du warst der erste damals, der einen netten Kommentar hinterlassen und mich zu witness gewählt hat, so einen netten Menschen begegne ich nicht jeden Tag. Vielen Dank für alles 👌.
Dein Bot ist der auf Python Sprache codiert?

"Bin jedenfalls auf eure Entwicklungen gespannt! 👍"

Es wird ein schwieriger weg sein bis dort hin, die mit kosten verbunden sind.

Danke... und Bitte ☺️

Ja, ich habe die meisten Sachen in Python geschrieben.
Liegt mir ein wenig mehr. An Javascript kommt man bei Webseiten zwar nicht vorbei, aber ich mag es nicht wirklich...

Ja, schwierig, aber nicht unmöglich... In dem Sinne: Viel Erfolg weiterhin! Und natürlich auch Spaß an der Sache 😁

Just approved your as a witness, good luck with the project!

 7 months ago 

Thank you so much, i really appreciate 🙏

 7 months ago 

Wish you success in advance to your project Steem Maxim. It has really amazing features and useful tools. I know it will add shine to our platform.
Congrats in advance 👏 🙌.

 7 months ago 

Thanks so much! 😊

 7 months ago 

Welcome 🐥

 7 months ago 

Good luck with your new project i will definitely try this new tool with its awesome features thanks bro

 7 months ago 

Thank you bro! We do our best 👌

 7 months ago 

These are some good features and the best one I like is, the Vote by Command feature. Your Fund account is also a very noble gesture.
We do need some of these additional features to make the platform attractive.
All the best

 7 months ago 

Thanks so much for your nice words 🤗

 7 months ago 

Nice post 👍 liked what you have to offer, looks like I'll be more active then. 😊

 7 months ago 

Thanks so much! Have a great Sunday 😊

Wow. your witness project is very amazing.


 7 months ago 

Thank you so much, i really appreciate

You deserve it dear friend.,

A great update that we all are waiting and expecting from a kind and helpful witness like you. Hope your projects and useful tools will benefit everyone. Best of luck ♥

 7 months ago 

Really nice to see you here 😊 Thanks so much for these nice words

 7 months ago 

Waiting for such a nice update from a nice witness like you ♥. We will support you, hope you will become a top witness soon. Best of luck.

 7 months ago 

You are just great! 🧿🌈💐

 7 months ago 

hello @visionaer3003
I like your activity, it's nice to see a really "live" witness ;-)
I would give my vote again, but once it was done already... :)

I wish you to get into the top20 and other successes!

 7 months ago 

I am very happy about your praising comment, such a nice comment is sometimes more valuable than being in the top 20 🙂👌🙏

 7 months ago 

this is not just praise, I really think so.
Of course, I don't follow all the witnesses. But of the "living" I definitely know only three, and you are among them.

These are people who come out to live communication with users, comment, support, publish their posts. And this is not to mention the responsibilities of witnesses and their initiatives to develop the platform.

 7 months ago 

Thank you so much, i really appreciate 🙏

 7 months ago 

🖐 😊 👌

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