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RE: visionaer3003 Witness Project Update | July, 2023

in CCS9 months ago

hello @visionaer3003
I like your activity, it's nice to see a really "live" witness ;-)
I would give my vote again, but once it was done already... :)

I wish you to get into the top20 and other successes!

 9 months ago 

I am very happy about your praising comment, such a nice comment is sometimes more valuable than being in the top 20 🙂👌🙏

 9 months ago 

this is not just praise, I really think so.
Of course, I don't follow all the witnesses. But of the "living" I definitely know only three, and you are among them.

These are people who come out to live communication with users, comment, support, publish their posts. And this is not to mention the responsibilities of witnesses and their initiatives to develop the platform.

 9 months ago 

Thank you so much, i really appreciate 🙏

 9 months ago 

🖐 😊 👌

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