Food Photography - Week 7 | Daily Photography Challenge - | "Capture, Click, Compete!"

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Hello, dear friends today is Monday and today's photography theme is "Food Photography". Well, I think I don't need to explain anything about it everyone loves food and here you need to share the beautiful photos of the food you enjoyed.

Made With Canva

👉🏻 Rules To Follow:-

  • Always post original pictures captured by you, with any device.

  • Don't forget to add a beautiful caption to your photography.

  • Write few words regarding your photo.

  • Include the hashtag #ccsfoodphotography to your post(Mandatory).

  • Share on twitter.

  • Lastly, give few details about your device from which you captured your photo. (Optional).

Post Reward - 10 steem Prize pool, and upvotes according to the quality of your post.

Result Announcement - Result will be announced by @visionaer3003, at the end of each contest so don't forget to follow him and his blog.

Contest Deadline:-7 Days from the date of publication.

Sponsor of the Contest,

"📷Capture, Click, Compete!📷"

Vote for @visionaer3003 as witness or set as proxy.


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