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Welcome to the daily curation post on Camping Club Steemit / CCS Community. We are committed to curating the best content on the Steemit BlockChain in Camping, Your travel experiences, Photography, also Culture on CampingClubSteemit.

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The Diary Game 3 [20/03/2023] // Curation SC08, Ghost Town, My Daughter’s Hair.
THE DIARY GAME 19/3/2023💓🌷
Application For Community Curators For The Month Of April
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📢 Weekly Drawing Contest Week-06 Draw a watermelon.
Week 3 Summary of Community Activities & Community Growth
Papercraft : Bee is made of colored paper.
Boatman Secnary Drawing
Fractal Series #52

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and honor the selections of daily curation in Camping Club Steemit. To encourage Engagement we will also be curating the comments. For those actively communicating and adding meaningful input, we will be rewarding some vote value. Keep up the great content and great work my friends, let's make.

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With that in mind, happy blogging

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