ShowYourTalent with Steem [Advertising strategy on facebook] - Contest #2: Promote Steem with a Video Spot | Power Up requirement - 100 STEEM in prizes!!

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This will be a series of contests where you can show your talent and promote Steem at the same time. We want your voting power to grow for this reason, the main requirement to participate in this contest will be to establish a 100% PowerUp in your participation.

This time we will use the short video format to promote Steem on Facebook. We chose only Facebook to do an advertising blitz, and in this way have a greater reach on this social network.

Join and be part of this advertising strategy on Facebook.

What is this new contest about?

Make a creative video Spot of minimum 1 minute.

Spot video examples

What is video Spot?
It is an online marketing tool that is based on the use of the audiovisual image, which allows you to connect with the target audience in a fast, direct and emotional way.

  • Make a creative video of minimum 1 minute , where you show the benefits that Steemit offers, you don't need much editing, the idea is that you are yourself and have fun. You can use any type of video (explanatory, demonstrative, testimonial, transition, emotional o comic video)

  • With the intention of reaching a target audience, you should post your video on the Facebook platform, specifically in groups such as: Marketplace, earn money on the internet, art, cooking among others groups. (minimum two groups)

  • According to your target audience create a title for the heading of your advertising for example (join our community and earn steem) use the appropriate tags #steem # steemit # ganadinero # talentos # draftcrearte.

  • Create an entry in the Draftcrearte community with your video, screenshots of your promotions and the reach you are getting. (minimum 150 words)


Please read the following rules carefully:

  • Original, creative and ingenious video Spots must be presented.
  • The maximum length of the video can minimum 1 minute .
  • Video format can be freely selected, as long as compatible for insertion in social networks.
  • Recordings must be made through a mobile phone or tablet in horizontal position.
  • At some point in the video the Steem and Draftcrearte logo should appear.
  • After the publication of your video on Facebook, you must follow up on your promotion, in order to make your entry with the summary of the scope of views and interactions.

Aspects to evaluate:

Number of "likes"Originality pointsMessageImage qualitypromotion summary
up to 2 pointsup to 2.5up to 2 pointsup to 1.5 pointsup to 2 points

Additional rules:

  • The post title should read: ShowYourTalent with Steem - Contest n. 1: Promote Steem with a Video Ad | Advertising strategy on facebook by @youruser
  • Include the tags: # contest5-draftcrearte #contest # promo-steem # steem-exclusive
  • Be sure to post your entry in the DraftCrearte community.
  • Copy the link of your entry in the comments of this contest.
  • Only one entry per user.
  • If any type of plagiarism is discovered, the user will be disqualified, and all future DraftCrearte contests.
  • Give Reestemd to this publication and invite 3 friends to participate.
  • If you do not comply with any of the rules, you will not enter the list of participants.
  • Articles in Spanish and English.


1st place🏆2nd place 🏅3rd place🏅4th place🏅5th place🏅

The rest of the STEEM will be distributed among the other participants.

@steemcurator01 @booming02 We appreciate your support
@stephenkendal , @siz-official, @around-theworld

This contest ends on Wednesday 19 at 11:59 pm (Venezuelan time) and the winners will be announced the next day at 1:00 pm.

Are you new and would like to join the community? Visit the following post for more details.

Links to support our DraftCrearte community via SP.

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Hello friends, I invite you to participate in this fun contest.
@syllem @photographypx @sashaelaizz @kreatif @vvarishayy
@noche0105 @ismocan @donatelo @alejartist @morenaluna

 2 years ago 

Este es un concurso muy interesante y divertido🎥🎥

 2 years ago 

Super bueno me encanta 👍🤩será muy interesante

Genial concurso👍

Excelente concurso

 2 years ago 

Waoooose ve muy buenooo

Excelente concurso, espero poder participar 🤗

Tengo una duda, cuando dice que la entrada debe ser con el vídeo, los captures de la publicidad que hicimos en Facebook y el alcance obtenido, de cuál alcance se refiere?

 2 years ago 

Los me gusta, las personas que lo vieron o se interesaron

Ah okey, entonces hay que publicar el vídeo en FB y luego que tenga reacciones es que se hace la entrada al concurso? Disculpa el fastidio 😅

 2 years ago 

Exactamente. Tranquila pueden preguntar. Para eso estoy para asesorar

Ah okey, muchas gracias, tenía esa duda.💕

 2 years ago (edited)

acá dejo mi entrada al concurso, espero les guste y me guíen con tiempo si tengo algún error concurso #2 Promociona steem en un video By @astralj publicación totalmente actualizada para cumplir los requisitos del concurso (100% power up), este es el link actualizado y lamento tanto inconveniente amiga @roseri, muchos saludos y gracias por tu enorme paciencia en este concurso.

 2 years ago 

Wao excelente concurso me gusta la idea

 2 years ago 
 2 years ago 

Excelente concurso, te invito a participar @luisela @karlala @carolinalarez

 2 years ago 

Hello friends, I invite you to participate in this fun contest.
@amazona06 @afriart @naomilopez @apoloo1 @salserarina
@sajebzul @be11ezasdy @verosook @luidimarg @shemzee

 2 years ago 

Heyah, I'd like to participate in the contest.

Invitation for other users and screenshots from social media included in the post. Here is my entry:

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