ShowYourTalent with Steem - Contest #7: Create a Fun Comic that talks about Steem | 80 STEEM in Prizes!!

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This will be a series of contests where you can show your talent and promote Steem at the same time.

We return with another fun contest, this time you will create a fun comic related to Steem, don't forget to include the Steem logo in your design. The comic can be digital or on a sheet.

Fun Comic

The term comic is used to designate those forms of graphic story that are assembled based on drawings framed in vignettes. Source


Credits - Pinterest
Credits - Pinterest

Now that we have the clear terms, let's see what this contest consists of.

Contest #7:🎨
Create a fun comic that talks about Steem

Imagine a situation in which Steem is mentioned and translate it into a digital art or sheet of paper through a fun comic. Please make original content. Good luck!


Please read the following rules carefully:


The title of the post should be:
ShowYourTalent with Steem - Contest #7: your title. by @youruser

Note: Please change "Your Title" to the name of your art and "Youruser" to your username.

Post structure

The main image of your publication must be the photo of the final result of your work.At least 5 photos of the process. The photos of the process must have the explanation.You must write "DraftCrearte" on paper, with your username and date


  • Include the tags:
    #showyourtalent7-steem #contest #steemexclusive #promo-steem #draftcrearte

Share on social media

  • You need to share the post on social media with the tags:
    #steem #promosteem #draftcrearte
  • Take a screenshot of your promotion on social media and post it in your contest entry to verify your participation.
  • Give this post a resteemd and invite 3 friends to participate that are not in the community.


Includes the Steem Logo


Additional rules:

  • To participate in this contest your account must be verified in our community.
  • Mention the materials you used.
  • The art must be identified with your username.
  • Make sure that you post your entry in the DraftCrearte community.
  • Copy the link of your entry in the comments of this contest.
  • Only one entry per user.
  • If you use a reference image please leave the source link.
  • If any type of plagiarism is discovered, the user will be disqualified.
  • If you do not comply with any of the rules, you will not enter the list of participants.
  • Articles in Spanish and English.

Aspects to evaluate:

Photo Quality
Explanation of Step by Step


1st place🏆
2nd place🏅
3rd place🏅
4th place🏅
5th place🏅
6th place🏅

We are calling on all Steem blockchain artists to participate!!

This contest ends on Sunday, June 27 at 11:59 pm (Venezuelan time) and the winners will be announced the next day.

20% of the rewards of this publication go to @crearte

Thanks @steemcurator01

Links to support our DraftCrearte community via SP.

50 SP100 SP 250 SP 500 SP

Social Media:



 2 years ago 

Está temática está bien divertida ,👊😊✨


 2 years ago 

Muy interesante y divertido.

 2 years ago 

Excelente concurso. Invito a todos a participar.

 2 years ago 

Interesante concurso, y como dice @cindycam a trabajar. saludos a todos.

 2 years ago 

Muy buen concurso, hora creativa :D

 2 years ago 

A participar se ha dicho 🤭

Buen concurso, pero no entiendo las reglas, las primeras dicen que se debe invitar a 3 amigos que no este en la comunidad y despues las reglas adicionales dicen que solo pueden participar los miembros dela comunidad. Alguien explica eso por favor.

 2 years ago 

Hola buenas tardes, debes hacer tu presentación en la comunidad DraftCrearte antes de subir el post del concurso. Allí en la reglas está el enlace de como verificarte. Si tienes alguna otra duda puedes unirte al discord y te ayudaremos.


Ah ok gracias amigo.

 2 years ago 

Super genial.. :)


Excelente concurso. A explorar la imaginacion.👍😊

Can I use the template from internet with the citation of source.

 2 years ago 

Excelente.. A trabajar en el concurso.

 2 years ago 

ShowYourTalent with Steem - Contest #7: your title. by @Astralj
Esta es mi entrada al concurso y mi publicación en Twitter. Saludos.

 2 years ago (edited)

Un caluros saludo a todos los integrantes de Draft Crearte qui les dejo el link de mi entrada al concurso.


 2 years ago 

Saludos aquí les dejo mi publicación del concurso en las redes sociales

 2 years ago 

Mi publicación a las redes sociales.



 2 years ago 

i did i am waiting

I like it really

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