Christmas Contest: Create beautiful mini Trees Christmas / 50 steem awards

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Draftcrearte returns with a contest that you cannot miss..

Draftcrearte in this opportunity dresses up to celebrate with its members the most beautiful time of the year, and what better way than to bring you Christmas challenges during these weeks of December to fill your homes with beautiful decorations created by yourselves.

What is this week's contest about?

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Create beautiful mini Trees...

Pine-type trees have always been one of the most significant figures of Christmas, that is why they cannot be missing in our homes. On this occasion we invite you to create a mini Christmas tree with any type of material, from cardboard, paper, cans. Don't limit yourself, we want you to surprise us!

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Please read the following rules carefully:

  1. To participate in this contest your account must be verified in our community.
  2. The title of the post should be: My participation in the contest: Create a beautiful mini Christmas tree// by @youruser
  3. The Main image of your publication must be the photo of the Final Result of your work.
  4. Include the process by placing at least 5 PHOTOS + FINAL RESULT + SELFIE (You must use your "DraftCrearte" poster, with your username).
  5. Include the tags: #christmas-contest1 #draftcrearte #contest #steemexclusive
  6. Be sure to post your entry in the DraftCrearte community.
  7. You need to share your entry on social media by inviting other people to participate.
  8. Invite three friends by tagging them below in the comments of this post and reestemd.
  9. Copy the link of your participation in the comments of this publication.

Aspects to evaluate:

Originality-creativityPhoto quality-art presentationStep-to-stepComply with the rules
up to 3 pointsup to 2 pointsup to 2,5 pointsup to 1,5 pointsup to 1 points

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1st place🏆
2nd place🏅
3rd place🏅
4th place🏅
5th place🏅

10 Steem will be distributed among the other participants

This contest ends on Monday 13 at 11:59 pm (Venezuelan time)

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We invite you to participate, do not continue to miss a pleasant environment with a lot of learning.

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Amigos aqui les dejo mi participación para el concurso!

El día de hoy invito a @joserug @nareetr @maripimentel a ser parte de Draft Crearte y participar en este lindo reto navideño :)!
Sin título.png

Muchas gracias por la invitación que haces para partir en éste desafío.

De verdad que estoy muy agradecida por todo.

Waao que lindo concurso,me encantan los arbolitos de navidad, seguro veremos hermosas creaciones!! ♥♥
Invitooo a @gabiru20 @datce01 @angelva @aurimargisela a participar!!

super me encanta amiga. gracias por la invitación 😃

 2 years ago 

Holaa siii, gracias por la invitación amiga 👏💖

¡Hola amiguita Steemian! ¡Qué lindo! ¿Participas?

Si amiga, tu también puedes verificarte en la comunidad y participar en este concurso navideño :D

Gracias amiga por la invitación😊

 2 years ago 

Mi publicación en las redes sociales


 2 years ago (edited)

Oh! me encanta saldrán muchas ideas geniales de diferentes arbolitos, estaré concursando.
Quiero invitar a mis amigos, @nzejay7, @by-aranza, @alejobautista para que se unan a esta hermosa comunidad y participen en este maravilloso concurso.

Muchas gracias por la invitación amiga estare preparando mi entrada🤗

Aprovecho la Oportunidad para invitar a qué se unan a este concurso @enzojacobucci @jhont-dg @yeynys

Hola amiga, muchas gracias por la invitación.

En esta oportunidad invitaré a @mariamedina, @zulennycarolinaj, @lirvic a participar en éste ingenioso concurso. 🥳🤗

 2 years ago (edited)

Me encanta esta propuesta, vemos todos a realizar lindos árboles para embellecer nuestros hogares.

Quiero invitar a participar a @veronicaparente @danay @aleja15

Gracias por la invitacion amiga

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