The Peace Lily

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Otherwise known as Peace Lily Spathiphyllum, the peace lily grows abundantly in my garden. It does not need too much water and a survivor in hot season.

It can be grown indoors as well. The good thing is that this fragile looking white lily is a sturdy plant. Its flower does not wilt so easily and it grows old until its last breath.


As a hobbyist of flowers, I don't cut them for my interior decoration. I loved watching them alive outside in my garden among my other ornamental plants.

Thank you for visiting my page.



Ay ganda at taba ng peace lily mo, dahil alagang alaga mo Sis...

Yes sis, umaabot yan ng sang dangkal kaya at matagal malanta. Actually, hindi sya nalalanta until it reaches its limit dahil sa katandaan. ganon

Ang ganda naman nyan ate.. 😊😊

00 especially if namulaklak na sya at matagal pang malanta.

ang ganda namn ng inyong peace lily ate

Thanks! Maganda kasi ang lupa at hiyang na sya sa kinatatayuan nya that you don't need so much trouble in watering everyday. They're one of the sturdy plants just like the Anthuriums.

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