Introduction To The Community! Description and Details. Let's get Going with Steem❤️❤️

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Hello to the residents of this Wonderful Eco-System. I hope all of you are doing exceptionally Great. This is your very own Haidermehdi daring to the first person managing this Community for steemit worldwide.

I am coming forward with this Post as the introduction to this newly Created Community!

Purpose Of Creation:

As i had been receiving messages from Pakistani members, as to where shall they sell their products on Steem if they want to get Steem in exchange of that? I asked them to stay patient and i will find a space for all of you where you guys can sell and offer your products and get steem/SBD in return!

Then i thought of it from a broader perspective and realized that we can really boost the Steem Eco-System if we can do this. I thrived to find a Community for this purpose but after some good hard work, it came in my mind that if there is no such community, Why shall we not host the world?


Hurray! Let's Go Guys! This is the time. Just when all of us are looking to boost the Steem! Here is another opportunity and a platform for all the sellers to sell and promote their products and attract interested buyers.
Apart from buying and selling, you can also offer services! More to come in the Announcement Post!

So Let's go guys and girls and let's boost the steem eco-system! Steem to the Moon!

I am:

  • Not looking for any commission.
  • Not in search of good upvotes.
  • Not asking for any beneficiaries.

So let's just get going and let's boost the steem eco-system together.

Some Important Rules to Follow. (Will be updated with time)

  • Don't mention The Steemit Team in your posts!
  • Your product should be your own. (Provide proof in your post)
  • Transactions to take place in Steemit Wallet
  • Products should be sold against Steem.
  • Each listed product should have it's price against it. (In Steem)
  • And last but not least, Plagiarist can find their way anywhere, so no plagiarism and no idea theft!

Method of Buying and Selling!

The Seller's Post:

  • Your Post should have A good proof of your product to be yours.
  • Your Post should have atleast 3 Pictures of your Product.
  • Some Previous Sales that you have made.
  • Reviews of Old Customers can help you attract more Customers.
  • A steem amount against which you will sell your product!
  • Make sure to mention what amount of minimum order will be entertained for delivery.
  • Provide Proper details about the Delivery.
  • Comfort your customer and stay Humble.
  • Please Include sellforsteem and your country name tag in your post. i.e. if you are from India, include the #india tag.

The Buyer's Act:

  • You can visit the post and drop a comment if you are interested in buying the proposed product against the proposed amount of steem.
  • Bargaining might not work but if the Seller is offering some discount himself/herself.
  • contact the Seller on their provided address only when you are serious to buy that. Don't disturb them to have lame arguments.
  • Once the order is confirmed, then the buyer and seller should follow the Below Payment Method!

Payment Methodologies. Trying to Minimize Scams.

  • When you place an order and it gets confirmed, transfer your buying price to community curation account. i.e. @hive-108983. Write your steemit username, seller's username and product name/code.
  • Once the amount is transferred, contact the seller and tell them about this.

  • The Seller now needs to provide details to the buyer as to when the order will be delivered on personal chat.
  • When the rider arrives at the buyer's location, the seller shall contact the buyer and validate the delivery of his her product.

  • Upon verification and satisfaction from both the Buyer and seller, the steem will be transferred to the Seller's account from the Community Account.
  • Chats between the Buyer and seller can/shall be saved at both ends for security purposes.

Ps: Please make sure to mention me (haidermehdi) or community curation account(hive-108983) in your comment when you place an order and make transaction.


For all the Active Buyers and Sellers, They may get good labels such as Trusted Buyer, Trusted Seller and many more. Also people may get rewarded with special discounts and promos from my side for selling their products in this Community. Active and trusted members (buyers and sellers) may avail most of the discounts :)

An Invitation to all the Country Representatives. As i don't want to keep this Pakistan exclusive. Anyone who wants to be a part of this Community's leadership given that he or she is a Country Rep and would like to bring the Sellers and buyers from their country encouraging them to sell their products here following the rules and get steem/sbd in return, We can talk to each other and do great tasks together!

We can make it a Huge Platform if all of us Work Together.

So Let's start Buy and Sale and take our platform to the Moon!

Myself, Haidermehdi.
Country Representative pakistan


Well defined 💯✅

 2 years ago 

Thankyou so much. I wish you great success in this community and on steem. Good to know that you have accepted steem for your online book-store business❤️

amaizng initiative. Lets build this community together

 2 years ago 

Yes In shaa Allah. I am happy that you got your first order. I hope you guys have begun proceedings :)

Very good initiative @haidermehdi. This way we can drive traders, small businesses and brands to the steemit.

I am onto preparing a good traffic for you! 😀

Edited to add:

I know a lot of small businesses on insta and facebook. I think I shall promote steemit again in a different light (#sellforsteem) and will inform you about the response. Then we can have a one to one session with them as well and properly guide them on how they can go about it.

What do you say?

I hope steemit team gives a response on this initiative of yours to give their valuable suggestions and feedback so that we remain in the right direction and reach our ultimate goal of boosting steem.

CC: @steemcurator01

 2 years ago (edited)

I am onto preparing a good traffic for you!

Much awaited :)

I know a lot of small businesses on insta and facebook. I think I shall promote steemit again in a different light (#sellforsteem)

What if we do it together? I mean it would be great if we could properly deliver our message :)

Then we can have a one to one session with them as well and properly guide them on how they can go about it.

Oh yes exactly what i mean to say! I have had sessions with some of my friends. I would love to go this way too. It would be amazing if we can somehow bring them here and they would love steemit to be very honest!

Think of the boost that steem will get if some big investor gets attracted towards us ❤️❤️

For promotions, I was thinking to make some posts like I did before on instagram. I will discuss with you before posting.

Then according to the response, we can have a session with all the interested people together.

We will have to make a very sound plan for promotions because it will be very daunting to persuade new people about the importance and value of steem. Earning steem through blogging is another thing, there's nothing at stake. But to sell valuable goods in exchange of steem (of which they will surely have doubts about) is another thing.

 2 years ago 

Exactly yes. We'll set a meeting IA and discuss things there.

I really like your post


good post respected sir

it's really extraordinary

Can users post more than once including the same product?
Because it is unlikely that many other users will see it if they only post once for a single product.
Thank you very much

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