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Hello All,

Welcome to Steemit Crypto Academy Season 2, My self @stream4u, I am from India and one of your crypto professors, welcomes you all to my class.

Hope you really enjoyed the last lecture that is Price forecasting, in this you learned how to predict the price. Yes, I agree that, and all we know that Price forecasting is not easy and not always 100% accurate but it let us know where we are in the current market.

Some of you may test it and find some good positive results. if you ask me so enjoyed it by reading your post.

In Week 12th, we will learn Crypto Margin Trading & Crypto Leveraged Tokens Trading,

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Let's begin our class.

Crypto Margin Trading.

We all learned price forecasting in the previous course hence it is important now to understand the Margin Trading. Why?

With the help of Price forecasting now you can find the possible low and top, and also you may see some positive result, and accordingly, you will try to go with Margin Trading for big profit.

You may think that Margin trading is a good option to increase capital speedily, somehow it is true. Since our aim was low profit no issue but there should be no loss or loss should also low but not more than profit or else loss ratio will keep increase.

Crypto exchanges provide 3x, 5x, or more than this, which means even if you have a $10 still you can trade assist worth of $30. It looks good when you just think about the profit but we know not trades come in our favor. But when a trade goes opposite, it will not take much time to turn your $10 to 0.

In margin trading, the profit and loss fluctuate based on 3x, here you can't think for a longer hold due to volatility in the crypto market and margin 3x.

Margin Trading you can use or it is best for an Intraday, recommend to go with less time chart pattern like 5 minutes or 15 minutes and try to book small small profits. If you be greedy in Margin Trading, your efforts may get lost if you did not square off your position at a right time.

With the proper use of technical study, it will be not possible that all your trade will go in loss, but when you see profit then you will have to control on emotions and take the right decision, and exit from the position. If we follow this you may see your total investment turn in 2x, 3x which means suppose you invest and I guess it is enough for that particular period.

We do have multiple Crypto coins available on the exchange so instead of hold one position, try to book small profits and find opportunities in the next assets.

Chart with 5 Minute To 15 Minutes you can find multiple opportunities based on Support and Resistance, Trendline, SuperTrend.


5 min Chart For Intraday.

Further additional Points will see in the next topic Leveraged tokens Trading.

Crypto Leveraged Tokens Trading.

First and very important that Leveraged Tokens can be only tradable on respective exchanges and you can not withdraw Leveraged Tokens on your own wallet.

Leveraged Tokens are assets that give you an opportunity in the crypto market. Leveraged Tokens can found differently on different exchanges like UP OR BULL and DOWN OR BEAR.

For example, Leveraged Tokens for BINANCE(BNB) will be listed as BNBUP OR BNBBULL, BNBDOWN OR BNBBEAR, similar to this you will find Leveraged Tokens for Ethereun, Bitcoin, and for other crypto assets.

Leveraged Tokens also give you a margin of up to 3x and maybe more than it depending on the crypto exchnages

How Leveraged Tokens Work In Market/Trading?

Let's suppose Ethereum, the Leveraged Token for Ethereum will be ETHBULL / ETHUP OR ETHBEAR / ETHDOWN.

Now, whenever Ethereum goes up the Leveraged Token ETHBULL / ETHUP will also go up, but at the same time ETHBEAR / ETHDOWN will go down. Similar to this whenever Ethereum goes down the Leveraged Token ETHBEAR / ETHDOWN will go up, but at the same time ETHBULL / ETHUP will go down.

So, here we understand that we will have to identify where the market trend will be going, and accordingly, we can go with that Leveraged Tokens.

If your prediction says that Ethereum will now go down so you can buy ETHBEAR / ETHDOWN, after your buying and as per prediction when Ethereum Down, the price for ETHBEAR / ETHDOWN will go up and your profit increased by 3x, according to what margin is given by crypto exchange.

But, if your prediction goes wrong the investment will start to decrease by 3x according to what margin is given by crypto exchange.

Let's understand the Leveraged Tokens price movement in the live Market.

To understand the Leveraged Tokens price movement in the live Market, I will take an XRP chart for an example from FTX Crypto Exchange and this is today's live market chart.

Below is the chart of XRP/USDT, XRPBULL/USDT, and XRPBEAR/USDT.

Chart For XRP/USDT



In the above 3 images, we can see the first is representing the price movement of XRP which looks at the downtrend, at the same time the second image which is for XRPBULL/USDT is also going at the downtrend. But at the same time, the price for XRPBEAR/USDT is going uptrend which we can see in the 3rd image.

Those who predicted that XRP price will go down and at the right time brought XRPBEAR/USDT, now they will be in a profit, at the same time who brought XRPBULL/USDT expecting that the XRP price will go up, now they will be in loss because XRP price is going opposite to their prediction.

The benifit of trading in Leveraged tokens is, you can buy Leveraged tokens when market is down however proper predication is must here.


We have learned Technical Chart patterns, Support & Resistance, so we have clear idea where to buy While trading in Margin, Leveraged tokens we have to take care of below points.

  • Start with small invest and book small profit, likr this increase capital.
  • Never put all capital, example if you have $50 then use only $15 to $20.
  • Set target before enter, follow the rules, use proper stratergy for increase capital by booking small propfits.
  • Check Crypto exchanges, fees, intrest.
  • Dont expect huge and dont be Greedy when in profit, follow rules.

HomeWork Task.

Make a Homework Task Post on the below Topics which you can also discuss according to your views on it, and try to explore it as much as possible but in simple terms.

NOTE: Information, Examples are should be related to the Crypto Market and Charts from own study.

  1. What Is Crypto Margin Trading?
  2. How To Plan For Trading In Crypto Margin Trading.
  3. Crypto Exchanges Name That Provide Margin Trading Service and What Margin They Provide?
  4. What Is Leveraged Tokens Trading?
  5. How To Plan For Trading In Leveraged Tokens?
  6. Crypto Exchanges Name That Provide Leveraged Tokens Service and What Margin They Provide In Leveraged Tokens?
  7. Price Forcast For Crypto Assets XXXXXX. (This is similar question from last course, take any Crypto Assets Chart graph, as per its current price and its market trend predict its future price for only next week, what will be its future price for next 1 week.You can predict for any direction up or down but explain it properly on what basis you have predicted the price. What will be the possible low level and high level fornext week.).

For any concerns, doubts, questions on homework task, you can ask me in the comment section below before making Task.


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  • PLAGIARISM Will Not Accepted, hence make sure content in the post not copied and pasted from certain sources.

  • Images used should be from copyright-free sources and fully referenced. To avoid confusion make sure the Images do not have a watermark, comany name, web site name on it.

  • Chart Graph should be from your own Graph Study.

  • Post Require a minimum of 300 words. Tips On a minimum of 300 words!

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Given Grades and Reviews are based on the submitted Task which will not change after review.

Thank You.
Crypto Professors: Steemit Crypto Academy

It was informed that Comment your homework task link only if it is not reviewed within 24 hours after you published it. Please take care of this.

Verified. Thank You For Participated In The Homework Task.

Verified. Thank You For Participated In The Homework Task week

thank you @stream4u to share this valuable knowledge with us. looking forward to making a homework post on this.


Hi @usman77

Hope you are aware that the post expired after 7 days. You can re-post the task if the original post not curated, but you can re-post it after 7 days and not before that.

Hey @stream4u , I learnt a lot from this lecture , but I got confused between the difference of margin and leveraged trading , they both seem alike to me .

Can you please tell the difference between margin and leveraged trading , I will be grateful of you .

Thank you .

Yes, the meaning for both looks the same, but If you have gone through the Task so the difference is that leveraged Tokens can be bought on either the Bull side or Bear side, but we have to predict the future trend very sharp, and these can not withdraw in the wallet. Margin is another service that crypto exchange provides wherein you can buy the assets with 3x, 5x. Like If I have $10 and wanted to buy BNB, so by selecting Margin 3x I will get BNB worth $30 even I have only $10, but profit and loss will fluctuate based on $30.

Hope these small details will help you.

Ok , thank you @stream4u , I get it , I will be doing your homework very soon .

hey professor @stream4u, Hello. Quiero publicar de nuevo mi tarea de la semana 2 predicción de precios ya que no fue votada. Saque una calificación de 7/10 puntos.

Este es el enlace de la tarea republicada:

Can you please help me understand a little more? Let’s take the example of ETH Down that you mentioned, is there a time frame within need to book profit or can continue to hodl if price going in favour?

Ideally, we should set a target before placing the order. You can go with any time frame, like 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 45 minutes.

Once the target achieved, the best is to square off the position, now it is up to us whether still want to hold or better book the profit and find another opportunity.

How long we can hold? Is it allowed to hold more than 24 hours ? if amount is in positive obviously.

Hi @neerajkr03

Yes, it will allow holding more than 24 hours, however, the profit and loss at the end of the day will get rebalanced/reinvest.

This is really useful. Thank you!

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