Steemit Update [ February 7th, 2022 ] - Crypto Academy Season 6 / Week 1 Courses

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Steemit Crypto Academy is back for week 1 of Season 6.

There are several changes in how the Academy is operating this season so make sure you read this post carefully.

The main change is that there are no separate levels this season. Everyone is free to do all the homework tasks as long as they meet the minimum requirements for the Crypto Academy.

The voting reward system has also been simplified.

Season 6 will also be focussing on crypto trading, including team trading contests coming soon.

Season 6 / Week 1 Courses

The courses this week are…

@dilchamo [ Sri Lanka ] - assisted by @shemul21 [ Bangladesh ]

@kouba01 [ Tunisia ] - assisted by @fredquantum [ Nigeria ]

@nane15 [ Venezuela ] - assisted by @reminiscence01 [ Nigeria ]

@pelon53 [ Venezuela ] - assisted by @imagen [ Venezuela ]

@reddileep [ Sri Lanka ] - assisted by @abdu.navi03 [ Pakistan ]

Season 6 Requirements & Rewards

To take part in the weekly courses students will need to have a minimum reputation of 60 and at least 250 Steem Power of their own (not delegated to them).

Students must also be correctly participating in #club5050, #club75 or #club100.

You must also not be powering down, nor using any vote buying or bid-bot services, nor delegating to any ‘investment services’ or bid-bots.

Anyone meeting these requirements can do any or all of the weekly homework tasks.

Homework posts with a grade of at least 5 out of 10 will receive a percentage vote from @steemcurator02 (4 million SP) of 2 x the grade. For example, for a grade of 8 out 10 a post will receive a 16% vote.

Votes will be increased for those correctly participating in #club75 or #club100.

These extra votes will not be given if you are using the #club75 or #club100 tags incorrectly, so make sure you are familiar with the requirements and check your balances with

Homework Guidelines

We are keen to ensure that all contributions to the Steemit Crypto Academy are of as high a standard as possible.

While the Crypto Professors may set specific requirements for some of their homework tasks we would suggest all students follow these basic guidelines…

  • Title the post with the format - Your Title - Crypto Academy / S6W1 - Homework Post for [name of Crypto Professor]
  • Homework posts should be at least 300 words
  • All work should be your own - plagiarism will not be tolerated
  • Any graphs, screenshots, quotes etc used from other sources should be fully referenced
  • Any images used should be from copyright-free sources and fully referenced
  • Homework posts should include the tag #cryptoacademy and the tag specifically required for each homework task in the first five tags. Posts should also include a tag for your country.
  • Tag the relevant Crypto Professor to help them find your homework post.

Please make sure you send your homework posts into the Crypto-Academy community…

Homework posts should be submitted no later than 11.59pm UTC, on Saturday, February 12th, 2022.

Please check each Professor’s post carefully for any special instructions they have given for their homework task.

Following all these guidelines carefully will help you gain higher vote rewards for your homework posts.

The Crypto Professors will be on the lookout for plagiarism, content farming and other forms of abuse.

Anyone found doing any of these will risk being banned from the Crypto Academy.

We hope you enjoy Season 6 of the Crypto Academy.

There may be tweaks as the weeks progress. Make sure you check @steemitblog regularly for any changes to the rules.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


Was eagerly waiting for this season to start and my wait is finally over

Hi, good changes, I welcome all the changes and think that maximum learners will take part in this way, very nice changes. Thanks for this.

Please suggest some ways to increase our reputation.

There are many ways you can build your reputation. Below are some of the most used ways to increase it:

  1. Post 1 high quality content daily
  2. Post in different communities of your liking. Give value in these communities.
  3. Engage with other users. Put meaningful comments on other authors' posts.
  4. Post high quality content. Again? Because it is really important.
  5. Participate in different contests organized in different communities. Follow @disconnect for updates on all the contest available for participation.
  6. Have patience, and keep posting good quality content.

Hi @cryptogecko. Can you please suggest me some good communities as I will make good quality content regularly. So, I need a good community.

 2 years ago 


Mr thank you very much I will keep doing the necessary things I can to improve on my account.

Thanks a lot for this valuable comment.

The pinnacle of fairness
-the crypto space
-Defi (decentralised finance)

  • Metaverse
    All bring something new to this generation and with the learning and knowledge of crypto we are gradually eradicating poverty

Will there be no season superstars this season?

 2 years ago 

I have not been active on the steemit platform since the beginning of the year. But I was an active user of the #club5050 till the end of 2021. Does my current status qualify me to use the tag #club5050 with my contents now.

Was eagerly waiting for this season to start and my wait is finally over!

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