Steemit Crypto Academy Weekly Update #3 [ February 22nd, 2021 ]

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The Steemit Crypto Academy is really gaining momentum.

We are delighted at how many people are joining in and doing the homework tasks set by our five hardworking, and very knowledgeable, Crypto Professors.

Hopefully you are all enjoying the lessons and learning a lot about cryptocurrencies.

This week the Crypto Professors are back with five more lessons. You are welcome to join in with as many of the homework tasks as you like.

The Steemit Crypto Academy Courses - Week 3

These are the courses for Week #3…

@besticofinder [ Sri Lanka ]

Homework task…

  1. Explain Spot Trading and Margin Trading
  2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Spot Trading and Margin Trading

@gbenga [ Nigeria ]

Homework task…

  • Segwit Bitcoin Network or Legacy Bitcoin Network, which do you prefer and why?

@sapwood [ India ]

Homework task…

1 Have you ever used a hardware/software wallet? Which one is having a better security advantage?
2 What are the important points to consider when you deal with an Exchange (centralized) Wallet and a Decentralized Wallet. How do you secure/restore both types?
3 Give an example of a Web 3.0 wallet and what are the distinct uses of a web 3.0 wallet? Have you ever used any Web 3.0 crypto wallet? Examples?

@stream4u [ India ]

Homework task…

1 What is a Chart Pattern? Explain with Candlestick Charts.
2 What is a Price Breakout? Explain with Candlestick Charts and mention the price levels.
3 What is a Continuation Pattern? Explain with Candlestick Charts and mention the price levels.
4 What is a Higher High Formation? (Explain with one of the crypto coin charts where the Higher High Formation is identified.)
5 What is a Lower Low Formation? (Explain with one of the crypto coin charts where the Double Top Pattern is identified.)
6 What is a Reversal Pattern?
7 What is a Double Top Pattern? Explain with one of the crypto coin charts where the Double Top Pattern is identified.
8 What is a Double Bottom Pattern? (Explain with one of the crypto coin charts where the Double Bottom Pattern is identified.)
9 In Investing and Trading what is the importance of Stop Level (STOPLOSS)?
Where to find and how to set a Stoploss?
10 What have you understood from this course? / Conclusion.

Before starting the Homework task, please read the post two or three times to make sure you understand everything.

@yohan2on [ Uganda ]

Homework task…

  • Compare and contrast between a Centralized and a Decentralized application under any of these categories - social media, browsers, gaming, finance, gambling, file storage, trading, charity, Internet of Things (IOT) etc.

For example ...
Steemit v Facebook (Social media category)
Dlive v Youtube (Video platforms)
Brave browser v Google Chrome (Browsers)
EOS Racing v Need for Speed (Gaming)
BitTorrent Speed v Google Drive (Storage/Filesharing)

Homework Guidelines

We are keen to ensure that all contributions to the Steemit Crypto Academy are of as high a standard as possible.

While the Crypto Professors may set specific requirements for some of their homework tasks we would suggest all students follow these basic guidelines…

  • Title the post with the format - Crypto Academy Week 3 Homework Post for [name of Crypto Professor] …
  • Homework posts should be at least 300 words
  • All work should be your own - plagiarism will not be tolerated
  • Any graphs, screenshots, quotes etc used from other sources should be fully referenced
  • Any images used should be from copyright-free sources and fully referenced
  • Homework posts should include the tag #cryptoacademy and any tag specifically required by the Crypto Professor in the first five tags. It will also be good to include a tag for your country.
  • Tag the relevant Crypto Professor to help them find your homework post.

Please make sure you send your homework posts into the Crypto-Academy community…

Following all these guidelines carefully will help you gain higher vote rewards for your homework posts.

The Steemit Crypto Academy community

We want to make the Crypto Academy community ONLY for posts to do with the courses being run by the Crypto Professors…

Alongside the course posts from the Crypto Professors, the only other posts in the Steemit Crypto Academy community should be homework posts for the tasks set by the professors.

Please do not post general crypto related posts now in the Steemit Crypto Academy.

We are currently considering setting up a separate community for general crypto content.

We hope as many of you as possible will join in with the Steemit Crypto Academy courses and do the homework tasks set by the Crypto Professors. You are free to follow as many of the courses as you want.

We will be giving votes from @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02 for good homework posts - so make sure you do as many as you can as well as you can !

You can also help grow the Steemit Crypto Academy by telling your friends about it and sharing the courses on your social media.

And if you know any crypto content creators do encourage them to come along and get involved. We will be on the lookout for more Crypto Professors soon.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


This makes us get a better community. Greetings to the team that works on all of this in order to provide something that benefits others

This is one of the most and good educative programs running on Steemit. 5 professors with a different topic, there is a lot of things we are getting from this program. I guess all are taking much interest in this.

FOR quite some time now I have traded on the spot market. Why? I was always afraid of the double-edged sword that is leverage. I started learning margin trading and despite the risks that it comes with, i’d say that it is totally worth the risk and this post helped open my eyes even more.

Awesome growth. Already in week Three. I just saw the answer to the question I wanted to ask. Happy week ahead.

@steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 спасибо вам за потрясающе полезный проект крипто академия! Я с большим удовольствием принимаю участие и учусь у наших профессоров.

This initiative is very effective across the entire Steemit community. Everyone is learning about cryptocurrency, blockchain, trading. It is very beneficial for everyone. Thank you @steemitblog for such initiative.

Thank You @steemitblog for this great opportunity for the whole steemians as well as for the others who are not using steemit but they can come here by searching these articles on google.

 2 years ago 

These is the best program so far organised by @steemitblog reason is that it has been so educative and I have actually learnt a whole lot. Thanks and more strength to they professors

This is one of the good learning program running on a Steemit, courses by @stream4u learn me many things and now I don't think to go any other tutorial for this to special courses.

Thank You.


Moderator: Steeming India Community

Thanks for this wonderful initiative. I'm enjoying the ride.

Gracias por la información! Atenta para seguir avanzando.

Thank you Crypto Professors for sharing your Crypto knowledge and experience with us. You guys are doing a terrific job.

I got to learn tons of things in these homework tasks, A big thanks to @stream4u for explaining in a better and easier way, Thank you @steemitblog for such initiative.

Lets Connect👉🏻@y0gi

#india #steemit #Steem

Greetings friend @steemitblog.

Good awareness and knowledge about the crypto world is being generated, this topic may not surpass the impact that #thediarygame generated, but it will certainly be a very valuable opportunity for those who take advantage of these activities.

Best of luck and prosperous new projects

Always at your service.

Hola estan muy bien el curso, eso me ha permitido aprender sobre las criptomonedas aun tengo algunas dudas pero seguiré estudiando.

Solo tengo una inquietud como sabe uno si ola tarea esta buena si hay que corregir algo, si hay que seguir investigando, pero me encanta aprender.

I have been enjoying this activities from the learning to the writing it has been fun.

Hello over here my assignment number 2 was passed to place it in the assignment comments.

Hola por aquí mi tarea número 2 se pasó colocarla en los comentarios de la asignación.

Useful and authentic Contents or information, my authentic website is similar to your wesite and we request for backlink's exchange.

Buen día. Quisiera incorporarme a la realización de las tareas pero tengo una duda:
¿ Debo iniciar desde la tarea #1 o ya me incorporo con la #3?
Espero su respuesta,muchas gracias

Estoy interesado en conocer sobre está academia para aprender principalmente y participar, ya que quiero ser parte de estos nuevos retos educativos para nuestro crecimiento en esta gran y maravillosa plataforma.

In this single post per week we can easily get all for tutorials and their task. I shall hopefully participate in in at least 2 and maybe at best three. thank you very much for sharing this contest here. from this challenge I can learn something in a simple way which is very much helpful for you in my this journey

Another very educational week, I tell you from my heart, these courses are very useful and are worth gold, as are all teachers. At the end of all the courses I hope I can be an advanced trader and stop losing so much. Greetings!

I hand it to you @steemitblog for your great initiative, I have really learnt somethings about wallets. And I have started doing my assignments too😁😁
Here is it

Thanks a lot Crypto academy for these courses. I have been following the stream4u's candlestick and chart course. It's really informative and something new to learn if you are planning on venturing into trading.

Keep these courses coming :)

 2 years ago 

Thank you for this wonderful initiative, am so glad am here because am really learning.

I guess this is a good place to start

Okay, I will post!

Gracias @steemitblog por Esta nueva iniciativa. Sigan así. Soy nueva en la plataforma de Steemit y me gustaría que me diera su apoyo en unos de mis Post. Y así crecer poco a poco.

Nice news, thx for this!

very effective step to teach beginners 👍

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