SEC S17-W6 || User Engagement and Retention on Steem

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Peace be upon you, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their lives. As everyone knows this is the last challenge of this season. And in this challenge, we will try our best to give our 100 percent.

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What are the demographics of Steem’s most active users, and how do these demographics influence user engagement strategies?

Many influencers on Steemit allow people to get more engagement on their posts and their content. The first of these is that they first choose content for which they call themselves famous. When they provide this content, people like it, and when people like it, then the audience will be more, and when the audience is more, your popularity will be more and when you are popular, you will earn well.

By coming to this platform we have to enhance our relationship with each other. We engage in each other's content to grow these relationships. When we are engaged, we make many friends who are like our family friends. When we show some good comments on someone else's content, then he has a good influence and thus he considers himself a better writer because his content is liked by people.

We can win the hearts of others by improving the quality of our content so that people like it. And so use a lot of markdowns within that to make your content look beautiful and so on when we put a good photography system within our content. Sometimes people also upload videos when we adopt this system we can get more engagement people will like it more and we will be popular

Overall Steemit Engagemnet I'm on 9th position. I do my best to come in first 3 positions
Single community engagement let's see my luck to win the challenge

I am showing you an example of engagement so you can see where my engagement level is. I am at the top in this community but let's see if I am known as a winner here or not that is my luck. But I am doing more with others which is why I am going to the top in this community. Similarly, if we engage with others, we can make ourselves known to each other as a good friend. And can exert a good influence on each other.

What specific strategies have been most effective in driving user engagement on the Steem platform, and how have these strategies evolved over time?

Many strategies make users more engaged with each other. The best example of this is the Steemit Engagement Challenge which is run by the Steemit team. Due to this many people are getting engaged.

As an example, we consider any two communities. In these communities, you can see how much influence the engagement challenge has. First, we take a community that is running the engagement challenge and then we will take another community that is not running the engagement challenge. Then compare the two to see which community has the most active people and where the most engagement is happening.

Engagement Community Steem For Pakistan

First, we have taken the community in which the engagement challenge is running. This community is Steem for Pakistan community in which you can see that there are 343 active users with 1388 rewards and 2717 subscribers. And similarly, if we check the engagement level, the top guy has 118 comments and two posts.

Engagement Challenge Community Stats

Without Engagement Community Steem Fashion & Style

Now we have taken the community in which the engagement challenger is not running, this community is called Steam Fashion and Style. In this, you can see that only 127 active members are posting and they have only 466 rewards and 2068 subscribers. Similarly, if we look at the engagement level, the top user has made only 25 comments, which is very low. This gives us an idea of the engagement level.

Community Without Engagement Challenge Stats

After comparing these two we have concluded that the Steemit Engagement Challenge which is run by the Steemit Team is the only way to connect with other people through which we can increase our engagement greatly.

Likewise, there are many other ways in which we can increase our engagement. Among them, we can increase our engagement by organizing many different types of tasks and contests through our Steem promotion.

What are the main challenges Steem faces in maintaining and growing its user base, particularly in comparison to other blockchain-based social platforms?

If we compare Steemit with any other blockchain social media platform then Steemit is better in every respect. Because there are many platforms where everyone does not have their right because people on these platforms support each other very little. And so many countries receive very little support. But Steemit is a platform where everyone is getting equal rights, no country is supported by it. The Steemit team is taking everyone to a level.

Steemit is a platform that is very good for a freelancer who is a content writer and knows how to express his ideas in a good way. It is very easy for him to work on this platform.

If I compare myself between two platforms one is Steemit and the other is the Hive Blockchain platform. I am sharing the profile of both of them before you. You can see how active I am on Steemit and Hive I tried hard to work but didn't get a good response from there so I'll give it a 2 out of 100 percent chance to work. But on Steemit you can see how much I'm working and active and getting a lot of rewards. So out of these two, I would rate Steemit higher because it encourages us to work in a much better way and we get equal rights that other platforms don't have.

You can see my account where I am active the most. Steemit is a platform where I do my best and get good responses but Hive didn't respond well.

Sometimes many quality users are performing very well but are not noticed by the steemit team. What makes them die hard is that they have a very good level of work but they don't get the level of support that causes them to worry and switch to other platforms. So we have to see which user is performing well and should support him accordingly so that he doesn't get disheartened and switch to another platform. This way we can make our platform more engaging with people and grow more than other platforms.

How effective are the reward mechanisms and economic incentives on Steem in encouraging long-term engagement and retention among users?

Steemit encourages us to stick with our work when it rewards us. This is how we motivate ourselves and keep our work going. Because there are many mechanisms on Steemit through which we earn rewards there are many curators who vote for us based on which we earn rewards. First of all, I will say that the effort made by the Steemit team to give rewards is very good. Among the ones we see booming are four to five accounts that are performing very well.

Similarly, the accounts created after this in the name of Steemurators, which range from three to nine, are also doing very well. Through this engagement is increased as they also vote on comments which are quality comments.

And then the main curators who are our head Steemcurators one and two are performing very well. By then, people are more motivated because those who perform better and provide better content are rewarded with a better reward. This strategy is very good for engaging people on this platform.

After receiving these rewards Steemians try to make themselves more active to increase their rewards thus we are more motivated.

What new technologies or tools could Steem integrate to enhance user engagement and retention on the platform? And what potential improvements can be made to increase active participation on Steem, particularly from new or inactive users?

Everyone knows that Steemit is a social media platform and is working very well but if we add something to it it can be even better like if we add an NFT token to it. The NFT Tokens come in handy for buying various things, for example, the NFT Token lounge on the Steemit platform, and we must perform a specific activity to earn that Token. So that after doing this activity we get that token and through this token, we can boost others or our post. The benefit of these boosts is that the engagement on our content is more, the audience is more and we get more rewards. Thus content boosting should be included on our platform to increase the audience here because many people provide good content but don't get good responses it would be better for them.


Similarly, if we improve the mobile experience, by mobile experience we mean if we improve our work on notifications, etc. Whenever someone adds a post on the Steemit platform that is included in our friend list or any other user engages or votes on our post, we get an instant notification. We get notifications on WhatsApp Facebook Instagram. If that instant notification comes to us like this, we will give an instant response to it so we can make ourselves more active. Sometimes we miss because we don't know that we have received notifications on Steemit, when we open our platform after an hour or two, we see that we have received many notifications that have been responded to. We delay in giving. So if we enhance that experience, we can be more active with each other and more engaged.

This is my little experience on this platform, hope you guys like it and know what my thoughts are. Now I am inviting some of my friends to participate too.


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Regards: @ahsansharif


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@ahsansharif Its amazing to see how the Steemit platform has grown and how user engagement has increased. By focusing on quality content and building strong relationships within the community we can continue this positive trend. The Steemit Engagement Challenge is a fantastic way to boost activity and support each other. Good luck

Thanks brother for you valuable response. I appreciate a lot. Engagement challenge is a good way to increase activity in steemit. Good luck to you too


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@ahsansharif you done a very good job to participate in this last week challenge. Comparison of two communities are the great that's way we see the steemit engagement challenge is the way to increasing activities on steemit. Launching NFT is great to boost the content whi didn't get more support. Best if luck dear.

Thanks dear for you valuable response. I appreciate a lot. NFT for just to boost the content. When we boost content then the post show on trending. Best of luck to you too.

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