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RE: Our first Act of Kindness... / Unsere erste karitative Aktion

in Dream Steem6 months ago

I really don't know how to start, where to start from or say right now because (permit me) I am very very happy for the full support you have given me already, it meant a lot to me, you have done what someone I know in person couldn't and don't think would do for me in such a hard time of my life, you gave me hope to further my education, a reason to smile again and be confident of myself cause I lot my confidence before now. I can't pay back for what you have done for me but your reward will be large from the almighty God, thank you, thank you and thank you, I wish to think you in person you are a kindhearted person, loving and caring, I pray the Lord grants you your heart desires without interference I don't by now I would have gotten someone to support me, you promised and you fulfilled it as you've write to me. When I login the afternoon I saw notifications but I was not in the mood then but something triggered inside of me and was like "hey check your wallet, shocking when I opened it, I shouted and friends were like, what's wrong with you" I full of excitement that got me dancing and thanking God for the provision. Thank you once again I can't pure out my heart of gratitude in written right now, @weisser-rabe God bless and he will not forsake you in the time of need too.


I am very happy if we could help you already. Maybe there will be more - I hope you will overcome the current situation and things will go uphill from now on! I look forward to reading about your progress ;-))

Yes sure your help has gone a mile for me right now and I'm very happy for it, I believe before things gets to spoil I must have gotten the required amount with the energy put in already, just today I got over 150 steem and 100trx which is about $40 or so it is a very huge support for just today, I don't know if you are lady or man. I'm very grateful sir/ma you really helped.

I'm Heike and sometimes a lady ;-)) Have a nice evening!

OK, have a nice evening/day too.

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