#club5050 - Powering Up 100% of My Earning

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Assallam o Alaikum !

This is your brother Rashid001. Today I am here again with a power-up post in which I am going to powerup 100% of my weekly earnings in my Steem Power and I am a bit happy that with this power up I have gone a little further than 8400 SP. Last week I also powered up my half of my income. You can see my previous power up details in the link below.

The main reason behind My Power Today is to join a new initiative #club5050 and #club100 initiated by @steemcurator01 and my first priority is to make every effort to power up half of my earnings every week. It depends on my income.


Last week I earned 16.698 SBD on my 8 posts. I would like to show the total calculation and the date of last 7 days of my wallet through screenshot. You can see I didn't cash out. This time I am powering up my entire earnings. For this, I converted 16.689 SBD to Steem at the current price and I got 196.033 M.

Calculation of Earned SBD in LAST 7 DAYS


Wallet History of Previous 7 Days

Screenshot of Filled order


You can see the details of PowerUp from the screenshot given below

Before Power Up


Power Up Amount


After Power Up



As you can see, before power up my Effective Steem Power was 8262 . And now that it's 8459, I'll try to do as much power up as I can to become a double 🐬🐬 ( 10000 SP ) by the end of this year.

Benefits Of Power Up

  • We do powerups to strengthen the power of our account and to encourage users and to use our power to curate good content. And there are proofs of our love for sustainability of the steem ecosystem.

  • when we curate a post, we can earn good curation rewards for it.

  • We can delegate our power to increase the power of a favorite community.

Through this post, I would like to suggest all my friends to power up as much as possible. Because only when your account is powerful you will be able to support better to other users. And will become a good curator.

And finally, Thanks🌹 to The Steemit Team and the @steemitblog for making it possible for me to do all this.

Thanks and Stay Blessed

Yours @rashid001

 11 months ago 

#club5050 😀

Keep it up and you will become double dolphin insha Allah at the end of this year
The benifits of power up your shared

When you curate a post we can earned good caution reword from it.

It's attractive 😍😍 and in future I will try to more power up

 11 months ago 

dear brother you are close to double dolphin,, and great effort , stay always happy ameen

 11 months ago 

Wow Wow, I am really glad to see your success with the double dolphin, Congratulations in advance.

 11 months ago 

May Allah bless you good work keep it up

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