Announcing New Witnesses

Announcement of new witnesses or fellowship appreciation and support. This post is announcement for my witness. Thanks to the service provided by @ety001 I now run a fullnode. I think it's better for the steem blockchain to have more witnesses and enriches the ecosystem if there are more reliable substitute witnesses, even if it's hard to start with. Steemit has provided me with many opportunities and overall growth opportunities, so this is a way of giving back. I will gain some experience in this matter, practically this is a small test run.
For my fullnode, I chose a server with 128 GB DDR4 ECC, an AMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X and 2 x 3.84 TB NVMe SSD Datacenter Edition, connection 1 GBit/s port, which should have enough power for the time being provide activity.
I hope everything runs smoothly, the fullnode doesn't cause any problems.



Initially, I'm not in the top 100 witness list for superfast votes. However, you can still easily vote for me by scrolling to the bottom of the page and typing visionaer3003


Thank you for reading through the post


Hi @visionaer3003

Great that you have chosen to run a full witness node
You get our vote from our Norwegian team
Moved you forward a few places


Hello @xpilar
Many Thanks. I am very pleased that you chose me as a witness. I love Norway, a paradise for campers :)

Yes, Norway is a beautiful country for campers

Sizi witness olarak görmek çok güzel 😊🙏 umarım herşey yolunda gidecektir.

Tessekür ederim!
Son zamanlar ara sira steem e ulasilmamasi beni biraz rahatsiz etti ve bir fullnode server calistirmaya karar verdim, burda kazandigim steem lerin bir miktarini calistirdigim fullnode server e harcamayi musait gördüm muhakak hepimiz icin iyi olacaktir.
Ügradiniz ve bu harika yorum icin cok tessekür ederim :)

Hayırlı olmasını temenni eder ve tebrik ederim.Emekleriniz için teşekkürler 👏👏

Tessekür ederim, insallah hepimiz icin hayirli olur :)
Buraya ugrayipta yorum yazmazmiz beni cok sevindirdi :)

şimdiden tebrikler 👍

Sagol @adalynaz cok tessekür ederim :)

Hayırlı olsun.

Insallah, tessekür ederim ugradiginiz icin :)

Glückwunsch zur erfolgreichen Einrichtung des Nodes! 👍
Es ist schon traurig zu sehen, dass unter den ersten 100 immer noch so viele Zeugen sind, die disabled sind. Alle User sollten hier mal ihre Witness-Votes überprüfen!

Mein vote kommt bestimmt! 👍

Congratulations on the successful setup of the node! 👍
It's sad to see that there are still so many witnesses in the top 100 who are disabled. All users should check their Witness votes!

My vote is coming for sure! 👍

Vielen Dank @moecki
Ich gebe dir vollkommen recht in der Sache. Ich hoffe, es wird in Zukunft so wie wir uns das vorstellen.
Dein Beitrag hat mich sehr erfreut :)
Vielen Dank in voraus für dein stimme.

Wie ich sehe, hast du auch schon den ersten Block "produziert". :-)

Hi, @visionaer3003

Node added on

You can send a request via the website directly to update or add more nodes.

Thank you for the initiative.

The Symbionts team,

Thank you very much @symbionts :)

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

Thank you very much @pennsif

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