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RE: One Life Celebration

in Threespeak4 years ago (edited)

nice one! i just had @d-vine tell me your steemit-account again (just could not remember and you told me pretty much at the beginning ;p) just to look you up on steemit and i immediately find you and recognize the thumbnail... good job, bro!

Looking forward to the next event as well, maybe next year?
(and it's "@unicron", btw...)


@unicron ! Awesome! Thanks for the follow my friend. It was awesome to meet you all. 😊 we should surely make one. Even maybe this summer. Oliver and johnny do shows here and handle a lot of bookings for boom bap type elaborate hip hop. It's not easy to remember yang yanje. Yang means bright and yangje sort of stands for shinobi. I call myself rane. @yangyanje is a character shaped by steemians and used as a subjective me until people meet me in real life. Add me on discord. Also, im in germany a lot.

yeah, true.
i was just asking @d-vine for your steemit-username; i knew she could help me out ^^
just add me on discord, my handle is Unicron#5232, spoilers: my mic somehow does not work properly there, so the will be only typing, but i think it will have to do for now ;p

as i said, it was really nice meeting the people "in real life", you are definetely quite a unique spirit. I wanted to talk some more to later that evening and i wondered where you went, and suddenly, there was this big spraypainting outside near the bonfire and I was like "for real?"...

Just add me on discord, so we can stay in touch...

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