One Life Celebration

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Packing spray paint, a tripod, 2 lenses, an old camera, some Jackfruit curry, a bottle of ginger kefir, some fruits and a gift for Denise, me and two of my friends went to the "one life celebration" from Zurich, Switzerland. It was @d-vine 's birthday in Karlsruhe, Germany. We met @jeffleinwand, @unikron, @edprivat, @onemedia, @ravenmus1c and many more... This event to me was a part of Steem History and I went there to experience and support humble musicians from SMA because I knew it was just going to be great! Absolutely no doubt if @d-vine from @spotlight.artist made part of the Program. The event was playing the kind of music that totally makes me dance. Looking forward to the next event already. Steemians share, connect, collaborate, mobilise, bridge and transcend... We are a community. I made this video for the Steem Music Community and my special thanks go out to amazing @d-vine, @jeffleinwand and @edprivat for making history!

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Respect! This is so great to see loved the coverage and that hiphop more of this should take place globally 2020 and beyond! Kudos to Yall

this looked like a great event, I have still to get to a steemit event, hopefully one day in the future I will. Great job on the video my friend xxx

nice one! i just had @d-vine tell me your steemit-account again (just could not remember and you told me pretty much at the beginning ;p) just to look you up on steemit and i immediately find you and recognize the thumbnail... good job, bro!

Looking forward to the next event as well, maybe next year?
(and it's "@unicron", btw...)

@unicron ! Awesome! Thanks for the follow my friend. It was awesome to meet you all. 😊 we should surely make one. Even maybe this summer. Oliver and johnny do shows here and handle a lot of bookings for boom bap type elaborate hip hop. It's not easy to remember yang yanje. Yang means bright and yangje sort of stands for shinobi. I call myself rane. @yangyanje is a character shaped by steemians and used as a subjective me until people meet me in real life. Add me on discord. Also, im in germany a lot.

yeah, true.
i was just asking @d-vine for your steemit-username; i knew she could help me out ^^
just add me on discord, my handle is Unicron#5232, spoilers: my mic somehow does not work properly there, so the will be only typing, but i think it will have to do for now ;p

as i said, it was really nice meeting the people "in real life", you are definetely quite a unique spirit. I wanted to talk some more to later that evening and i wondered where you went, and suddenly, there was this big spraypainting outside near the bonfire and I was like "for real?"...

Just add me on discord, so we can stay in touch...

Ah that's awesome, I didn't know you were already friends with so many steemians IRL. I have only met one so far, I know that will change in 2020

Wow! I saw it announced somewhere. Great to have your reflection and video on the chain!

wow so rad! sorry i missed it!

Thanks! Good to be connected to other musicians. Have a feeling these events need to happen more. 😉

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