Story Time & Thoughts On Steem (inflation + ideas)

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I also talk about some ideas that may help Steem, and how Steem can benefit from a lot of non-Steem viewers.

Scrappy entrepreneurs can make the fruit of Steems inflation.
I don’t usually explain my moves, but this is like a family and if someone can benefit, cool.
A symptom of being hungry, you don’t complain about being hungry you go get food. no luxury to wait and worry action, always. working since elementary catching turtles ETC., using that to buy chocolate milk, selling either before class or stick them in snow. got robbed of chocolate milk once, got more turtles, came back.

rock bottom u either break or momentum from the bounce carries you
rock bottom comes in stairs if you’re doing it right

the people I disagree with I have the utmost respect for, that’s a good thing

love being wrong, means you get to learn/grow, plus it makes it stronger

inflation is to bootstrap a community, bring in eyeballs that u then can make a business off, without users, you don't have a business. Author rewards bring attention, attention brings advertising.

“I don’t buy houses because I lose money to taxes I don’t rent it.” – “ I don’t hold Steem Power because I don’t want to lose money by not curating.” – Both can be solved with second party solutions, IE I own real estate, a company takes care of everything for me, I get a deposit every month without lifting a finger. Steem Power can be delegated to a third party, you get Steem Power deposited into your account every month without lifting a finger. The same mindset, investors LOVE investments with utility, even if they don’t want to do the utility themselves.

Tommy gets a ton of views, we throw an ad on it, ads pay in Steem. Tommy gets remonetized now (not relying on steem upvotes) the users get paid, which means more users watch ads and more users tell a friend how they got paid watching Tommy. Users comment on tummy’s site, proxy those to steem, show little $ next to comments, users get curious, research steem, new exposure.
So the 5k view video example, we have ads on it, the people who bought that adspace paid in Steem. The ad buyer sure loves those 5k views, and may buy more in the future. They will buy more Steem, Tommy gets paid, viewers of the ads get paid (if they are on steem ONLY) – thus creates more bullishness to get a Steem account to earn from views. Just another small example of how to use views to promote the Steem price.
Communities + SMTs + Users with large followings = Massive bullishness for Steem.
Example: Tommy gets millions of views, advertisers want to put ads in Tommy’s community, they need to buy Tommy token and burn it to boost inside Tommys community. All of this requires RC’s. Tommy wants to make a ton of money (who doesn’t) so he will educate users on getting either light accounts that are proxied to Steem or full-blown Steem accounts, so they can earn from watching ads, which makes everyone money. Everyone becomes a mini DAO’ISH in a way, where they have a positive feedback loop for a sustainable business model.

I am scrappy dude, grew up in the ghetto, went without much, made a lot though from being scrappy. Steem gives someone like me the ability to be very scrappy. I can onboard in a plethora of ways. I’ve onboarding a lot of people thus far utilizing steems inflation. The price doesn't reflect it, yet, but the more we push, the more support we can get to help in similar efforts, the quicker we can turn things around.


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I still remember those two 30 minute vlogs describing your life man. Really gave me the chills...and listening to you repeating it now, is just the epitome of "never give up and always find ways to reverse things"

I wouldn't mind sitting on that very beach with those margaritas though...

On a serious note, exactly because you don't expect to be rich through Steem since you already are one, I am 100% sure that those efforts you make through 3speak, twitter... will eventually pay off. Because you have a unique way to motivate others when they feel lost.

Cheers mindtrap. Thanks for the kind words mate.

Whenever I get the chance I talk to my friends about Steem, many of them have stayed and others have left. Now I want to invite my friends who are beautiful and can create good content, then I will tell them about the finances in Steem to better understand the system. I think in Steem we can still do great things.

Thank you for sharing your thinking. :-) I admire you, I'm your fan.

It was a pleasure meeting you at SteemFest4 and chatting away into the wee small hours at the party in the presidential suite. I totally got that we 90% agree, but respect the other 10% vibe from you.
I'm in Steem for similar reasons. Yeah, it'd be great for steem to buy a house on the moon or something one day, but even if it doesn't what I gained in so many ways on the ride was worth it.
Definitely deep thinking behind your decisions - and yeah sometimes it takes to long to explain but I'm glad you took the time

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Your words are always inspirational, thank you for sharing your positive thoughts and vision about steem with us by giving some life examples... That's really motivating...

Thank you for doing what your doing. I recently joined and helping my business friends in the on boarding process. 5% power down fee is very fair. A lot of the business owners I work with (as well as myself) strongly feel before we can make large purchases of STEEM, we need to have a much faster method of taking advantage of the market moves, well at the same time have approached this as long term holders of STEEM in general, with business tranactions using STEEM as a normal part of the growth for a whole other World of potential people to join and most importantly be active using STEEM. Thanks for your hard work, Aloha from Hawaii this is Rich

Wow! It was really awesome to hear your views and ideas laid out like that. Honestly, I can’t really find anything I disagree with.

You’re absolutely right that there’s a seller for every buyer and so we shouldn’t be afraid of sell pressure...really shook my world when you said that; so used to blaming the “dumpers” for the incessant decline in the price.

I’m still not really on board with the notion of burning, but as a penalty that allows for an instant powerdown...sweet idea!




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I do love your uplifting words each time you come up with your amazing 30min vlogs. It is always easier to learn from someone who has already gone through it rather than going it by your ownself.

I loved the concept of Rock Bottom which you explained sir, we all must be like a rubber ball which would bounce back with the same pace as it smashed the bottom in addition to that we always should hunt for way how we can reverse what went wrong to make em' the way they should work.

Also love the life examples you used and when it comes upon STEEM too, I do agree that #newsteem did bring a lot of harmony upon here with a drastic shift in actions by the people and a change in the mindset which has led towards building a new atmosphere which is gradually leading towards the win of everyone The People Who are Creating Here and The People Who Are Investing here :)

Thanks a lot for your boosting words :) Loved all of it :)
#steem on !

I never was a social media kind of guy. Signed up to facebook very late compared to my friends, then recently deleted it. Never got an instagram. Twitter for a year only. But when communities come out, I seriously am tempted to tell my friends about it, try to be part of a community. If the UI gets better I'll definitely do it.

And I'm thinking, if I am tempted to do that, imagine how crazy about it normal people will be. I'm not scared for steem. It just has to wait for the right time, for a time where people will be ready to use cryptos. It's virtually impossible to compete with steem now, I can't see a new blockchain popping up. Even if they do, they have so much to learn.

People talking about removing inflation are just scared. They can't handle seeing the value of their coins go down constantly, which is understandable. We should never give in to people acting out of fear. It's difficult because they don't know it and probably won't admit it.

Friend @theycallmedan

Hola, es primera vez que veo un material de tu autoría y realmente debo decir que me ha impresionado cada palabra.
Lamento decir que no pude entender todo a plenitud por cuestiones de idiomas, soy de Venezuela y hablo Spanish, el Inglés no es mi fuerte aunque hago el intento por entender y aprender cada día, gracias por invertir tu tiempo, dinero y esfuerzo en Steemit, espero poder seguir tu contenido mas seguido.
Gracias por tus palabras sabias y buenos consejos.

Hello, it's the first time I see a material of your authorship and I really must say that I've been impressed by every word.
I'm sorry to say that I couldn't fully understand everything because of language issues, I'm from Venezuela and I speak Spanish, English is not my strongest although I try to understand and learn every day, thank you for investing your time, money and effort in Steemit, I hope I can follow your content more often.
Thank you for your words of wisdom and good advice.

Been wondering how SMTs would actually play out in the real world. Love your example here!

steem will definitely help out every user in a unique way but the supply is a concern which is growing rapidly

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Hey @theycallmedan, here is a little bit of BEER from @definethedollar for you. Enjoy it!

Yes, we are a family in the STEEM blockchain. I hope more people come here and realize that this is a platform with the main goal of give everyone freedom of speech. And we can also retire as you say if this platform succeed (of course we have to invest a lot of time and effort). Nice story man, we need more people like you. I also want to say that since last month I only upvote (or downvote) manually because I learned that is hurting our platform. Is simple, if you really like a post give an upvote or i if do not like give a downvote.

It has been a hard road for what counts, this is inspiring for many, we know that it is your experience and something very personal, there are people who do not dare to sometimes tell their details, but for some it is motivating because we know that others have gone through many more difficult times. I appreciate all the effort you are putting in the blockchain of steem, I met you it was a few months ago and now that I spend more time in 3speak it is good to know that we have someone like you that motivates us to implement strategies to boost Steem, because we are A family all of us who are sharing this technology. I have learned a lot and I consider that I still have a lot to learn from steem, because it is always evolving, so is the technology and this is simply wonderful.

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Love the irl story. Totally inspiring so thanks for sharing that! and it's also fun to know the another side of the people we've been seeing around. :)

must say i really enjoyed your ideas of STEEM developing through the idea of engaging people through the #yanggang twitter hashtags! We have that kind of issues in the Ukraine when the government shutting out some left wing channels, wish i could onboard them to 3speak)