What do you think about organ donation law ?

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In this video I want to talk about an important topic to every human being !

Recently people in Russia worried about the new law created about organ donation.

So, I thought about other countries and check and found people from other countries worring as well.

In England for example I've found the following :


Source : What is the opt out system in England?

So, they decided in both governments or maybe in all of them to consider everybody an organ donor when he/she dies !

Do you think that's ok ? Do you think they have the right to use us or our relatives and friends as they want even if we die ? Are we a property of our governments ? Should they always have permission even if we don't want that ?

Of course after dying you don't care that much usually about what happen to us. But, what if they decide that for our relatives who die. For me, it's a stange law.

I said more and showed more in the video.

I will also tag some people posting about this to make people spread their opinion in the blockchain so that will not be manupulated !

I checked about this in China and it seems that worse thing is happening there. Chinese Regime Likely Manipulated Organ Donation Data

I think the thing that was manipulated is the survey about that most people are ok with donating their organs after their death, but that's not true !

Some people even protest about that : Bloody Harvest—How Everyone Ignored the Crime of the Century

Crazy things are happening in the world !

I don't know if it's too late or not, but it seems that you can opt out of organ donation here if you are living in UK. Register your details – opt out of organ donation

Or you can use an application of National Health Service here : NHS App

It's a kind of protest I'm talking about to support this initiative : World Unrest Awareness Initiative created by @theycallmedan !


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