Growth and Foundation part 2

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Despite this not being a particularly huge tree, I could tell that it had been on this planet for an age, the bark was aged and the roots firmly planted into the ground, spanning over a considerable area. I thought about how important these roots and foundations were. No matter how beautiful the branches are arranged, it is the tree trunk and roots that uphold this structure of life. It made me think about growth and how important our foundation in life is. This concept can be applied to all walks of life, we all start somewhere and grow towards something.

Aside from this moment of inspiration and contemplation, I went on to find out a littler more about the trees that are present in Tibet. Tibet’s altitude means its climate is considered to be relatively colder and dry in some areas. The tree in question is one of the most well known Himalayan Pine trees and can be found at a considerable height. It’s also called Pinus Wallichiana but I found it easier to refer to as the former. These trees are very resilient and will live for a number years, reaching a peak height of about 50 feet!

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