Indian Rail History

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India's first railroad recommendations were made in Madras in 1832.The Red Hill Railway, the nation's first prepare, kept running from Red Hills to Chintadripet connect in Madras in 1837. It was pulled by a rotating steam-motor train made by William Avery. Worked by Arthur Cotton, the railroad was principally used to transport rock stone for street building work in Madras. In 1845, the Godavari Dam Construction Railway was worked at Dowleswaram in Rajahmundry. Likewise worked by Cotton, it provided stone for the development of a dam over the Godavari River.


On 8 May 1845, the Madras Railway was fused, pursued that year by the East India Railway. On 1 August 1849, the Great Indian Peninsular Railway was fused by a demonstration of parliament. The "ensure framework", giving free land and an ensured five-percent rate of come back to private British


organizations willing to fabricate railroads, was finished on 17 August 1849. In 1851, the Solani Aqueduct Railway was worked in Roorkee. It was pulled by the Thomason steam train, named after a British officer responsible for that name. The railroad transported development materials for a reservoir conduit over the Solani River.In 1852, the Madras Guaranteed Railway Company was


The world’s 10 longest railway networks

1.United States: 250,000km

2.China: 100,000km

3.Russia: 85,500km

4.India: 65,000km

5Canada: 48,000km

6.Germany: 41,000km

7.Australia: 40,000km

8.Argentina: 36,000km

9.France: 29,000km

10.Brazil: 28,000km



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Awesome, This is a rare history of trains and Rail in India, @sbanerjee0017 Thank you for sharing.

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Surprisingly, I never thought that India has such a highly developed railway network. It seemed to me that in India there are few places suitable for the construction of railway tracks. This is a real discovery for me.
Many thanks for such an interesting post. Always with interest I read your posts


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