Cragfont, Home of Gen. James Winchester

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photo by @qiyi

Located in Castalian Springs, TN. Open to the public for tours. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about this and other sites nearby.

Meanwhile, I am practicing with different editors for posting with an iPhone 7 running iOS 12.2 and commenting below.

Testing Editors

I made this post using the eSteem editor with a few basic HTML commands. On day 2 (4/17/2019), this section was reformatted using the eSteem editor. The problem with the keyboard mentioned in an earlier test is not a problem because the text advances upward with each line break so it is no longer obscured.

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Regarding different apps and website editors, what you see depends on when the post is captured by the platform. This comment in eSteem iPhone iOS 12.2.

I corrected a spelling error in the heading “Exitors” > “Editors” which appears immediately on the website and after closing this eSteem app.

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