Rani(Queen) Padmini.# An untold history.

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Rani Padmini :


Padmavat had a great queen. On which poet Malik Muhammad Jaisi wrote a poem. Rani Padmavati was known throughout India for her beauty.

But there is no document in history about the existence of Rani Padmini. But in Chittod, we see the imprint of Queen Padmavati.

Bolhuu Suya Pyari-Yes Mera Roop Kai Jag Jahan?]
Sumari Roop Padmavati Kera Laughing Sua, Rani Mukher Hera

Rani Padmini History :

Padmini had spent his life in Sinhala with his father Gandharvasen and Mata Chandavati. Padmini also had a talking parrot named "Hiramani". His father also organized Swayamvar for the marriage of Padmavati, in which all the Hindu-Rajput kings of nearby were invited. Raja Malkhan Singh of a small state also came to marry him.

King of Chittor Raval Ratan Singh Rani had come in self-reliance even with Nagmati. They also defeated Malkhan Singh and got married to Padmini. Because Raja Raval Ratan Singh was the winner of Swayam After Swayam, he returned to Chittoor with his beautiful queen Padmini.

In the 12th and 13th century the strength of the invaders of the Delhi Sultanate was gradually increasing. This led to Sultan attacking Mewar again. After this, Alauddin Khilji also attacked Chittodrad with the intention of getting the beautiful Queen Padmavati. This whole story is based on the writings of historian Allauddin who, in history, showed the attacks on Rajputa in his writings.

But some people did not have any faith in their stories, because according to them Alauddin's articles were based on Muslim sources, in which Muslims were said to be great. According to him, Alauddin had made some facts in history with his pen and made stories based on fictional truth.

In those days Chitrod Rajput was under the rule of Raval Ratan Singh, who was also a brave and brave warrior. Along with being a beloved husband, he was also a better ruler, along with Rawal Singh also had an interest in art. There were quite a wise people in his court, one of them was Raghav Chetan.

Most people do not even know that Raghav Chetan was also a magician. They used their art in the emergency to dodge or surprise enemies.

But after the advent of Raghav Singh, the king was very angry and ordered him to be removed from his kingdom. And he even ordered his face to be rotated in the state by blinding them. After this incident, he had joined the king's most fanatic enemies.

After this, Raghav Chetan decided to go to Delhi and he went there to convince Sultan of Delhi Alauddin Khilji to attack Chittodrad.

After coming to Delhi, Raghav Chetan started living in the forest near Delhi, where Sultan used to come often to hunt. One day Raghav started playing his flute after listening to Sultan's voice. When Raghav Chetan's tune was heard by Sultan's army and he heard them, they were all surprised that in this dense forest, who would have played flute with such a melodious sound.

Sultan ordered his troops to search for a flute, and when Raghav Chetan himself came in front of him, Sultan asked him to come to Delhi with him. Only then Raghav Chetan is a simple musician of Sultan, and there are many other such qualities in him. And when Raghav Chetan told Allauddin about the beauty of Rani Padmavati, Allauddin had begun to wish Manny Rani Padmavati.

Soon after that he went to his kingdom and ordered his army to invade Chittodrad so that he could get the very beautiful Queen Padmavati - Rani Padmini and bring it to his hare.

Alauddin Khilji's hand was disappointed when he reached Chittod, because he found that the Chittodara has been safely protected from all sides. But they did not want to wait much more to see the beauty of the Queen Padmavati, so he sent a message to Raja Ratan Singh that he considers Rani Padmavati as a sister and wants to meet him.

After hearing this, disappointed Ratan Singh had an opportunity to save the empire from a severe outbreak. That is why he also ordered his wife to meet Alauddin.

Rani Padmavati - Rani Padmini also approved Alauddin to see his reflection in the mirror. Alauddin also decided that he would get Rani Padmavati in any situation. Alauddin was with King Ratan Singh for some time while returning to his camp. On seeing the right opportunity, Allauddin took the detention of Raja Ratan Singh and in return, gave the queen to Padmavati.

Chauhan Rajput General Gora and Badal of Sonagara were determined to defeat Sultan in their game and said that they will be given Rani Padmavati the next morning. On that day 150 sedan (which was fully decorated, covered and taken by four people from one place to place at that time (at that time the royal women used to go from place to place) and they Taken from the fort to Alauddin's camp and Palikoos were stopped where Raja Ratan Singh was kept captive.

The king saw that the guardians came from Chittod, then the king thought that a queen would have come in her too and she was embarrassed by such thinking. But when he saw that the queen was not out of the palanquin but her female worker got out and all the guardians were full of soldiers, they were completely surprised.

Sanico took him out of the palanquin and immediately attacked Alauddin's camp and successfully redeemed Raja Ratan Singh. In which both the Rajputs had confronted the Allauddin army with force and courage and he safely reached Ratan Singh in the palace. Where Rani Padmavati was waiting for them.

The Sultan was furious when he heard this and he immediately decided to invade Chittor. The Sultan's army tried very hard to break the security bullet in Chittodad but they could not succeed in doing so. At that time, Alauddin started encircleing the fort all around. King Ratan Singh ordered all Rajputs to open their doors and face Allauddin's army.

Upon hearing the order, Rani Padmavati saw that her army was facing a large army, and then she decided to make jewels with all the women of Chittor, according to them, it was necessary to make the jawar better than the hands of the enemies.

Upon hearing the order, Rani Padmavati saw that her army was facing a large army, and then she decided to make jewels with all the women of Chittor, according to them, it was necessary to make the jawar better than the hands of the enemies.

Jauhar is a process in which royal women refuse themselves in a huge fire instead of living with their enemies.

In this way, he committed suicide by doing himself. In which all the women of Chittothad jumped in a huge fire. After getting the news, the soldiers of Chittor found that now they have no motive to live and then they decided to do so. In which all the soldiers came dressed in the dress and turban wear and they decided to confront Alauddin's army till the death. After this devastating victory, Allauddin's army could only come into the fort to see the ash and the burnt body.

People still remember the importance of the women of Chittod. Instead of living with the enemies, it was decided to discourage themselves in the fire. Rani Padmini - The sacrifice of Rani Padmini has been written with golden letters in history.


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Nice post ...Padmavati is glory of Rajsthan

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