Frontiers of human being. Past and future

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It seems that human beings began to walk from somewhere on the African continent to populate the entire surface of the Earth some 300,000 years ago. On this collective journey, our species not only diversified, but also faced a continuing challenge and began a prodigious career to cross geographical and knowledge boundaries.

Humanity has crossed different frontiers throughout its history, until recently it began to explore space, but to achieve this it has been essential to reach technological frontiers that have allowed us to conquer fire, take advantage of the power of steam, dominate water to navigate its surface, under it and even learn to defy gravity to fly further and further.

Crossing borders has allowed us to discover salt, enrich ourselves with precious gold, fight for oil and start playing, sometimes dangerously, with atoms and their energy. In order to make this possible, we had to ask a multitude of questions: what are we?, how do we function?, what separates us from other animals?.

Where there's a border, or there was, is between the human being and the machine. Until half a century ago we built machines to help us but for some years the machines interact with us, they move us and make us addicted to them. Somehow they control us and also manipulate us. It seems that we have opened a door to virtuality and interconnection with its enormous advantages and challenges. Who knows how this adventure will end.


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The end is an enigma, what is true is that the technology open us a world of possibilities, is one more tool, you just have to know how to use it.

Recently it was revealed by archaeologists that they found bones in the Middle East that actually predates the time when first evidence of man was discovered in Africa.

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