Differences between male and female professional elites

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Is it true that women and men have access to high professional leadership differently? There are studies on women with professional success in fields traditionally male and socially relevant, women who are currently between 50, 60, 70 or more years of age.

These women are the so-called female professional elites because they're doubly exceptional people given their status as professional elite and women. They have an overabundance of starting curricula because, in general, they come from cultivated families in which the firstborn predominate or they are only daughters.

This group of women has usually received an affective capital from both, father and mother and they have married men who have supported them from the beginning to develop their professional career.

On the other hand, men with high and long come from less exquisite family means, in the choice of couple show a profile close to conventional marriage and in their professional career have the sustained support of their wives.


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